The Info List - Mariano Garchitorena

Mariano Garchitorena y Chereau (February 12, 1898 - October 1, 1961) was a Filipino politician of Spanish-French descent. Garchitorena was the son of Don Andres Garchitorena and a French lady, Margarite Chereau. He was married to Dona Brigida Manly Villanueva . He was the cousin of guerrilla Major Don Tomas T. Garchitorena and the brother of the actor Salvador A. Garchitorena, grandfather of Anjo Yllana, Jomari Yllana, and Jaime Garchitorena. He was also the uncle of Justice Francis E. Garchitorena, of the actor Andres Centenera and off T.V. Radio star in the 1960s, Andres Garchitorena brother of stellita of Hanawan. Camarines Sur. He was elected President of the Abacá
Fiber Institute of the Philippines
then appointed by President Manuel Roxas
Manuel Roxas
as Secretary of Agriculture and Commerce, later run for senator one slots below of being elected, became ambassador to Spain. He was briefly Governor of Camarines Sur
Camarines Sur
in 1945. Retired and remained the Liberal Party Chairman in Bicolandia
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