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Marianne Merchez (born 25 October 1960 in
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) is a Belgian
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from the
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and a former
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. She is certified in aerospace medicine and in industrial medicine, and she is also a professional pilot (holds a Belgian Air Transport Pilot License from Civil Aviation School, former co-pilot Boeing 737). Merchez has extensive experience as a consultant in human factors. Her predilection field is human relationships and communication and she integrates her training in brief systemic therapy and ericksonian hypnosis in daily personal and professional situations. Merchez's hobbies include classical music, walking, and cycling. She is married to former Italian ESA astronaut
Maurizio Cheli Maurizio Cheli (born 4 May 1959, in Zocca) is an Italian air force officer, a European Space Agency astronaut and a veteran of one NASA Space Shuttle mission. A native of Modena, Cheli attended the Italian Air Force Academy and trained as a test p ...

Maurizio Cheli
with whom she co-authored ''Tutto in un istante: le decisioni che tracciano il viaggio di una vita''.


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