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Maria Helena Diniz (born 1956, São Paulo) is a Brazilian
jurist A jurist is a person with expert knowledge of law; someone who analyses and comments on law. This person is usually a specialist legal scholar, mostly (but not always) with a formal qualification in law and often a legal practitioner. In the U ...
and professor. She currently holds the chair of full professor of Civil Law at the
Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo The Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo ( pt, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, PUC-SP), locally known as ''PUC'' or the ''Catholic University'' ('), is a private and non-profit Catholic university. It is one of the larg ...
, where she obtained her master's (1974) and doctorate (1976) degrees. She is the author of more than forty books and articles in the field of law, mainly in the civil area. In constitutional law, Maria Helena Diniz proposes a new classification, based on intangibility and the production of concrete effects. Thus, it divides them into constitutional norms of absolute, full, restrictable relative and complementable relative (or complementation-dependent) effectiveness.

Published books and works

Main published works *''Brazilian Civil Law Course - General Theory of Civil Law'' *''Brazilian Civil Law Course - General Theory of Obligations'' *''The Gaps in Law'' *''Compendium of introduction to the science of law'' *''Concept of Legal Norm as an Essential Problem'' *''1988 Constitution: Legitimacy, Effectiveness, Effectiveness and Supremacy'' Known for her rigid work in describing her works, the best known being the Civil Law Course, she is always recommended for the best interpretation of the Course, her important work "Dicionario Juridico Universitário". Both works are issued by Saraiva publishing house.

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