Maria may refer to:


* Maria (given name), a popular given name in many languages



*170 Maria, a Main belt S-type asteroid discovered in 1877 *Lunar maria (plural of ''mare''), large, dark basaltic plains on Earth's Moon


*Maria, Maevatanana, Madagascar *Maria, Quebec, Canada *Maria, Siquijor, the Philippines *María, Spain, in Andalusia *Îles Maria, French Polynesia *María de Huerva, Aragon, Spain *Villa Maria (disambiguation)

Arts, entertainment, and media


*Maria (1975 film), ''Maria'' (1975 film), Swedish film *Maria (2003 film), ''Maria'' (2003 film), Romanian film *Maria (2019 film), ''Maria'' (2019 film), Filipino film


*María (novel), ''María'' (novel), an 1867 novel by Jorge Isaacs *Maria (play), ''Maria'' (play), a 1935 play by Isaac Babel *''Maria'', a poetic novel (1825) by Antoni Malczewski *''Maria: or, The Wrongs of Woman'', a 1798 unfinished novel by Mary Wollstonecraft


Artists *Maria (band), a Japanese all-female band *Maria (Danish singer), born 1978 *Maria (South African singer) *Maria (Bulgarian singer) *Maria (Bruneian singer) Albums *Maria (album), ''Maria'' (album), a 1995 album by Jane Siberry Songs *María (Cátulo Castillo song), "María" (Cátulo Castillo song), 1945 *Maria (West Side Story song), "Maria" (''West Side Story'' song), from the musical ''West Side Story'' Sondheim, Bernstein, 1956 covered by Gene Pitney, The Delta Rhythm Boys, P. J. Proby and others *Maria (Rodgers and Hammerstein song), "Maria" (Rodgers and Hammerstein song), from the musical ''The Sound of Music'' 1959 *María (Franco song), "María" (Franco song), 1988 *María (Ricky Martin song), "María" (Ricky Martin song), by Ricky Martin, 1995 *Maria (Blondie song), "Maria" (Blondie song), 1999 *Maria (Östen med Resten song), "María" (Östen med Resten song), 2003 *Maria (US5 song), "Maria" (US5 song), 2005 *"Maria (I Like It Loud)", by Scooter, a cover of "I Like It Loud" by Marc Acardipane *"Maria", by Animal Liberation Orchestra from ''Roses & Clover'' *"María", by Café Tacuba from ''Café Tacuba (album), Café Tacuba'' *"Maria", song by David Sylvian from the album ''Secrets of the Beehive'' *"Maria", by Gackt from ''Rebirth (Gackt album), Rebirth'' *"Maria", a Goan Konkani song by Mohammad Rafi and Lorna Cordeiro *"Maria", by Green Day from ''International Superhits!'' *"Maria", by Guano Apes from ''Proud Like a God'' *"Maria", by The Jacksons from ''2300 Jackson Street'' *"Maria", by Jean Ferrat *"Maria", by Joe Dassin discography, Joe Dassin *"Maria", by Justin Bieber from ''Believe (Justin Bieber album), Believe'' *"Maria", by Kendji Girac *"Maria", by Kim Ah-joong from the Korean film ''200 Pounds Beauty#Soundtrack, 200 Pounds Beauty'' *"Maria", by Men at Work from ''Two Hearts (Men at Work album), Two Hearts'' *"María", by Pepe Aguilar from ''No Lo Había Dicho'' *"Maria", by Six Organs of Admittance from Six Organs of Admittance (album), their self-titled album *"Maria", by Rage Against the Machine from ''The Battle of Los Angeles (album), The Battle of Los Angeles'' *"Maria", by Redgum from the album ''Virgin Ground'' *"Maria", by Robert Earl Keen from ''West Textures'' *"Maria", by Wu-Tang Clan from ''Wu-Tang Forever'' *"Oh Maria", by Louis Prima from ''The Wildest'' *"Maria", By Eduardo di Capua


*''Maria'', a 1903-4 opera by Roman Statkowski (based on the poetic novel by Antoni Malczewski)


*Maria (TV series), ''Maria'' (TV series), Kenyan drama series

Computing and technology

*Maria (reachability analyzer), a reachability analyzer, used in computer science for concurrent systems *Maria (storage engine), a storage engine for MySQL (renamed Aria in 2010) *Maria reactor, a nuclear research reactor in Poland *MARIA XML, a model-based XML language for User Interfaces *MariaDB, a community-developed branch of the MySQL database


*Maria language (India) (also ''Madiya''), Dravidian language of the Gondi group *Maria language (Papua New Guinea)


*Maria (brigantine), ''Maria'' (brigantine), Australian shipwreck of 1840, whose survivors were massacred *, a number of ships with this name *, a Danish cargo ship in service 1946-59

Other uses

*Mary 2.0, Maria 2.0, movement of Roman Catholic women *Marie biscuit, a type of sweet biscuit similar to a Rich Tea biscuit *Tropical Storm Maria (disambiguation), one of several named storms **Most notably Hurricane Maria (2017)

See also

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