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Marc Levy (born 16 October 1961) is a French novelist.


Levy was born in
Boulogne-Billancourt Boulogne-Billancourt (; often colloquially called simply Boulogne, until 1924 Boulogne-sur-Seine) is a Communes of France, commune in the western suburbs, and from the Kilometre zero, centre of the French capital Paris. Boulogne-Billancourt is a ...
Hauts-de-Seine Hauts-de-Seine (; ) is a landlocked Departments of France, department in the Île-de-France Regions of France, region, Northern France. It covers Paris's western inner Banlieue, suburbs. It is bordered by Paris, Seine-Saint-Denis, and Val-de-Marn ...

, and studied management and computers at
Paris Dauphine University Paris Dauphine University (french: Université Paris-Dauphine), often referred to as Paris Dauphine or Dauphine, is a établissement public à caractère scientifique, culturel et professionnel, public research institution of Paris Sciences et Lett ...
. In the late 1990s, Levy wrote a story that his sister, then a screenwriter, encouraged him to send to Editions Robert Laffont, who immediately decided to publish '' If Only It Were True''. Before it was published,
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Steven Spielberg
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) acquired film rights to the novel. The movie, '' Just like Heaven'', produced by Steven Spielberg, and starring
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, was a #1 box office hit in America in 2005. After ''If Only It Were True'', Marc Levy began writing full-time. Levy was first married at the age of 26; he had a son, the inspiration for ''If Only It Were True''. He is married and lives in New York City.An Interview with Marc Levy, France’s Widest Read Author
Anne McCarthy, July 7, 2017 '''', accessed 25 February 2021


* '' If Only It Were True'', 2000 (adapted for film in 2005) * ''Finding You'', 2001 (adapted for television in 2007) * ''Seven Days for an Eternity'', 2003 * ''In Another Life'', 2004 * '' Vous revoir'', 2005 (the sequel to ''If Only It Were True)'' * ''London Mon Amour'', 2006 (adapted for film in 2008) * ''Children of Freedom'', 2007 * ''All Those Things We Never Said'', 2008. * ''The First Day'', 2009 * ''The First Night'', 2009 (the sequel to ''The First Day'') * ''The Shadow Thief'', 2010 * ''The Strange Journey of Mr. Daldry'', 2011 * ''Replay'', 2012 * ''Stronger than Fear'', 2013 * ''Another Idea of Happiness'', 2014 * ''P.S. from Paris'', 2015 * ''Hope'', 2016 * ''The Last of the Sanfields'', 2019


* ''La tortue sur le dos'' (1978) - Gus, le voyageur * ''L'amour dure trois ans'' (2011) - Himself

Short film

* ''La Lettre de Nabila'' directed for ''Amnesty International'', adapted from a short story he co-wrote with Sophie Fontanel.La Lettre de Nabila Un Court-métrage de Marc Lévy, 2004
'''', accessed 27 February 2021

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