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Mara (mammal) The maras are a genus (''Dolichotis'') of the caviidae, cavy family of rodents. They are the sole extant representatives of the subfamily Dolichotinae. These large relatives of guinea pigs are common in the Patagonian steppes of Argentina, but ...
, a species of the cavy family *
Mara the Lioness Mara the Lioness is an animal actor who appeared as Elsa in the 1966 movie ''Born Free'', based on the true story of Elsa the Lioness raised by George and Joy Adamson. Mara was born in the wild in 1965, a premature cub abandoned by her mother dur ...
, in the movie ''Born Free''

Arts and entertainment

Fictional characters

*Mara (Doctor Who), Mara (''Doctor Who''), an evil being in two ''Doctor Who'' serials *Mara, a fictional planet of Procyon in the ''Childe Cycle'' of Gordon R. Dickson *Mara (She-Ra), fictional characters from the ''She-Ra and the Princesses of Power'' and ''The New Adventures of He-Man'' animated series *Mara, leader of the Acoma Clan and heroine of the "Empire Trilogy" by Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts *Mara Jade, in the Star Wars Expanded Universe *Mara Sewell, a fictional List of The Shield characters#Marriage, character in ''The Shield'', portrayed by Michele Hicks *Mara Sov, a fictional Destiny_(video_game), character in the video game ''Destiny'' *Mara Wade, title character of ''Mara of the Wilderness'', a 1965 adventure film *Mara Dyer, title character in the Mara Dyer trilogy by Michelle Hodkin

Other uses in arts and entertainment

*Mara (album), ''Mara'' (album), a 1995 album by Scottish band Runrig *''Mara (film)'', a 2018 American supernatural horror film starring Olga Kurylenko *''Mara'', an 1894 novel by Ioan Slavici#Prisons and return to Romania, Ioan Slavici *Dance Club Mara, a formation dance team, Minsk, Belarus

Ethnic and cultural groupings

*Mara (Tagin), a tribe in Arunachal Pradesh *Mara people, in West Maraland of Mizoram State in northeastern India, and in East Maraland in Chin state of Myanmar

Folklore, mythology, and religion

*Mara (demon), in Buddhism *Mara (folklore), a wraith-like creature in Germanic and Scandinavian folklore *Mara (Hindu goddess) of death *Mara, anagram of Rama, for Valmiki to chant in Hindu mythology *Marzanna or Mara, Slavic goddess *Māra, Latvian goddess


*Mara language (Australia) (Marra) *Mara language, a language spoken by the Mara people of India and Burma *Mara languages, Australia (Maran)

Military and transport

* MARA (anti-tank weapon), Argentine antitank missile * Mirage 5P Mara, upgraded Dassault Mirage 5 aircraft for Argentine Air Force * Shell Mara, a Lake tanker operated in Lake Maracaibo by Shell Oil * SS ''Mara'', a Lake tanker operated in Lake Maracaibo by Lago Oil and Transport Company

Organisations and enterprises

*Mara (gang), a form of gang in America, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala *Mara (supermarket), a Romanian supermarket chain *Mara Group, a multinational and multisectoral corporation with roots in East Africa *Majlis Amanah Rakyat (People's Trust Council), MARA, a Malaysian government agency *Migration Agents Registration Authority, the Australian regulator of migration agents *Universiti Teknologi MARA, a public university in Malaysia

People with the name

*Mara (name), list of people with this name *Māra (given name), a Latvian given name *Mára, the stage name for American musician Faith Coloccia during solo performances *Mahinda Rajapaksa, 6th president of Sri Lanka


*Mara (torrent), a stream of Switzerland and Italy *Mara, Aragon, a municipality in the province of Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain *Mara, Iran, a village in Iran *Mara, Isfahan, a village in Iran *Mara, Kerman, a village in Iran *Mara, Sardinia, a commune on the Italian island of Sardinia *Mara, a small town in the Bushveld#Towns and cities, Bushveld of South Africa *Mara, a village in Desești Commune, Maramureș County, Romania *Mara, a village in Tararua District, part of Wellington Region, New Zealand *Mara District, a district in the province of Cotabambas, Apurimac, Peru *Mara (Iza), a river in northern Romania *Mara Mountain, a mountain in Greenland, and the closest mountain to the North Pole *Mara Provincial Park (Ontario), a provincial park located near Orillia, Ontario, Canada *Mara Provincial Park, a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada *Mara Region, an administrative division in Tanzania *Mara River (Nunavut), a river in Canada *Mara River, a river of Kenya and Tanzania *Măra River, a river in Romania *Marado or Mara Island, South Korea *Masai Mara, known locally as "The Mara", a reserve in Kenya near the Mara River

Other uses

*MaraDNS, DNS software

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*Mahra (disambiguation) *Marah (disambiguation) *Maras (disambiguation) *Marra (disambiguation) *Mara language {{disambiguation, geo Language and nationality disambiguation pages