Mara may refer to:


*Mara (mammal), a species of the cavy family *Mara the Lioness, in the movie ''Born Free''

Arts and entertainment

Fictional characters

*Mara (''Doctor Who''), an evil being in two ''Doctor Who'' serials *Mara, a fictional planet of Procyon in the ''Childe Cycle'' of Gordon R. Dickson *Mara (She-Ra), fictional characters from the ''She-Ra and the Princesses of Power'' and ''The New Adventures of He-Man'' animated series *Mara, leader of the Acoma Clan and heroine of the "Empire Trilogy" by Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts *Mara Jade, in the Star Wars Expanded Universe *Mara Sewell, a fictional character in ''The Shield'', portrayed by Michele Hicks *Mara Sov, a fictional character in the video game ''Destiny'' *Mara Wade, title character of ''Mara of the Wilderness'', a 1965 adventure film *Mara Dyer, title character in the Mara Dyer trilogy by Michelle Hodkin

Other uses in arts and entertainment

*''Mara'' (album), a 1995 album by Scottish band Runrig *''Mara (film)'', a 2018 American supernatural horror film starring Olga Kurylenko *''Mara'', an 1894 novel by Ioan Slavici *Dance Club Mara, a formation dance team, Minsk, Belarus

Ethnic and cultural groupings

*Mara (Tagin), a tribe in Arunachal Pradesh *Mara people, in West Maraland of Mizoram State in northeastern India, and in East Maraland in Chin state of Myanmar

Folklore, mythology, and religion

*Mara (demon), in Buddhism *Mara (folklore), a wraith-like creature in Germanic and Scandinavian folklore *Mara (Hindu goddess) of death *Mara, anagram of Rama, for Valmiki to chant in Hindu mythology *Marzanna or Mara, Slavic goddess *Māra, Latvian goddess


*Mara language (Australia) (Marra) *Mara language, a language spoken by the Mara people of India and Burma *Mara languages, Australia (Maran)

Military and transport

* MARA (anti-tank weapon), Argentine antitank missile * Mirage 5P Mara, upgraded Dassault Mirage 5 aircraft for Argentine Air Force * Shell Mara, a Lake tanker operated in Lake Maracaibo by Shell Oil * SS ''Mara'', a Lake tanker operated in Lake Maracaibo by Lago Oil and Transport Company

Organisations and enterprises

*Mara (gang), a form of gang in America, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala *Mara (supermarket), a Romanian supermarket chain *Mara Group, a multinational and multisectoral corporation with roots in East Africa *Majlis Amanah Rakyat (People's Trust Council), MARA, a Malaysian government agency *Migration Agents Registration Authority, the Australian regulator of migration agents *Universiti Teknologi MARA, a public university in Malaysia

People with the name

*Mara (name), list of people with this name *Māra (given name), a Latvian given name *Mára, the stage name for American musician Faith Coloccia during solo performances *Mahinda Rajapaksa, 6th president of Sri Lanka


*Mara (torrent), a stream of Switzerland and Italy *Mara, Aragon, a municipality in the province of Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain *Mara, Iran, a village in Iran *Mara, Isfahan, a village in Iran *Mara, Kerman, a village in Iran *Mara, Sardinia, a commune on the Italian island of Sardinia *Mara, a small town in the Bushveld of South Africa *Mara, a village in Desești Commune, Maramureș County, Romania *Mara, a village in Tararua District, part of Wellington Region, New Zealand *Mara District, a district in the province of Cotabambas, Apurimac, Peru *Mara (Iza), a river in northern Romania *Mara Mountain, a mountain in Greenland, and the closest mountain to the North Pole *Mara Provincial Park (Ontario), a provincial park located near Orillia, Ontario, Canada *Mara Provincial Park, a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada *Mara Region, an administrative division in Tanzania *Mara River (Nunavut), a river in Canada *Mara River, a river of Kenya and Tanzania *Măra River, a river in Romania *Marado or Mara Island, South Korea *Masai Mara, known locally as "The Mara", a reserve in Kenya near the Mara River

Other uses

*MaraDNS, DNS software

See also

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