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Mantoida is a genus containing eleven species of mantis. It is placed in its own family, Mantoididae.[1] Its species are native to Mexico, Central America, and South America.


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Species[edit] Named species of the genus include:

Mantoida argentinae Mantoida brunneriana Mantoida burmeisteri Mantoida fulgidipennis Mantoida matthiasglinki† Mantoida maya Mantoida nitida Mantoida ronderosi Mantoida schraderi Mantoida tenuis Mantoida toulgoeti

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^ http://mantodea.speciesfile.org/Common/basic/Taxa.aspx?TaxonNameID=478

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Extant Mantodea families

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta Subclass: Pterygota Infraclass: Neoptera Superorder: Dictyoptera

Acanthopidae Amorphoscelididae Chaeteessidae Empusidae Eremiaphilidae Hymenopodidae (flower mantises) Iridopterygidae Liturgusidae Mantidae Mantoididae Metallyticidae Sibyllidae Tarachodidae Thespidae Toxoderidae

List of mantis genera and species

Taxon identifiers

Wd: Q1938294 BugGuide: 4817 EoL: 53065 Fossilworks: 289759 GBIF: 1403866 ITIS: 666608 NCBI: 267102

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