Manphil, (english, Manfil), also referred as Kapayapaan. is the smallest and independent component sitio in Kapayapaan Ville, located at Calamba, Laguna, Philippines. It is situated in the southern portion of Canlubang, bounded by Carmel to the north, Asia 2 to the west, Carmelray Industrial Park 1 to the east, and Palaw to the south.

Kapayapaan Ville

Puroks in Manphil

Manphil is now an urban sitio along with Asia 1, and is one of five sitios in the PH2-A1. This purok in this sitio is divided into five from Purok 1 to 5.

Puroks Directions Description Nicknames
Purok I Northeastern a purok I is the first and largest of 5 puroks in Manphil, The two biggest public schools are, San Ramon Elementary School for elementary and Kapayapaan National High School for high school. Kapayapaan Snake Road
Purok II Eastern a purok II in Manphil is located at the south-east portion. New Rabbit
Purok III Northern a purok III located at the north-west portion of the sitio Purok Tres
Purok IV Center a purok IV is located of the center part, it is bounded by 3 puroks Manphil Kings
Purok V Southern a purok V is the last purok in this sitio, It is bounded by Sitio Carmel to the north, Sitio Asia 2 to the west, purok 4 to the purok Cinco (5)


  • San Ramon Elementary School
  • Kapayapaan Integrated School (Kapayaan National High School)


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