Mandera (Somali: Mandheera) is the capital of Mandera County in the former North Eastern Province of Kenya. It is situated at around 3°55′N 41°50′E / 3.917°N 41.833°E / 3.917; 41.833, near the borders with Somalia and Ethiopia.


Mandera is the capital of the Mandera District.[2]

As a whole, it used to constitute one district in previous administrations, which is now divided into six sub-counties and Constituencies; namely,

  1. Mandera East which represents Mandera Town
  2. Mandera Central
  3. Mandera West
  4. Mandera north and
  5. Banissa
  6. Kutuulo
  7. lafey

The county occupies an area of 26,744 km2.[2]

Among the notable incident of Mandera history was the Rhamu Incident of the 1977 in which Somali military invaded Ethiopian defences from the Kenyan side in which a force of 1500 Somali soldiers attacked a border post, and killed 30 Kenyan police officers and soldiers.the Somali army successfully crossed into the Sidamo Region of Ethiopia in the so called Ogaden War.[3]


As with the other areas of the North Eastern Province, Mandera is predominantly inhabited by ethnic Somalis. with the Garre clan representing majority of the population