Mandate most often refers to: * League of Nations mandates, quasi-colonial territories established under Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations, 28 June 1919 * Mandate (politics), the power granted by an electorate Mandate may also refer to: * Mandate (after shave), British after shave brand * Mandate (criminal law), an official or authoritative command; an order or injunction * Mandate (international law), an obligation handed down by an inter-governmental body * ''Mandate'' (magazine), a monthly gay pornographic magazine * Mandate (trade union), a trade union in Ireland * , various ships of Britain's navy * Mandate (typeface), a brash-brush typeface designed by R. Hunter Middleton * The formal notice of decision from an
appeal In law, an appeal is the process in which cases are reviewed by a higher authority, where parties request a formal change to an official decision. Appeals function both as a process for error correction as well as a process of clarifying an ...
s court * A requirement for a Health maintenance organization to provide a particular product

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* Contract of mandate, a contract of bailment of goods without reward, to be carried from place to place, or to have some act performed about them * Individual mandate, an often controversial government requirement for the purchase of goods by individuals * Papal mandate, a response of the pope or a Sacred Congregation, in writing, to queries or petitions of individuals * Mandate of Heaven, a traditional Chinese concept of legitimacy used to support the rule of the kings of the Shang Dynasty and later the Emperors of China * Divine mandate, a political and religious doctrine {{disambiguation