MadCap Software is an American computer software firm headquartered in San Diego, California that creates help authoring tools. Several principal managers, software engineers, and support personnel were recruited from rival firms, such as Adobe Systems and Macromedia, to found MadCap Software.[1] MadCap's authoring tools are all based on xHTML.


Some of MadCap Software's founders were associated with eHelp and its core product, RoboHelp, a help authoring tool. After it was bought by Macromedia in 2003 eHelp developers were laid off. MadCap co-founder Bjorn Backlund had headed the RoboHelp development team. He saw an opportunity to compete with RoboHelp by rewriting the program using XML and expanding the software. MadCap's founding chief executive, Anthony Olivier, had been eHelp's CEO.[2]


  • MadCap Flare, a content authoring tool that generates output in various formats, including HTML5, DotNet Help, Microsoft Compiled HTML Help, Microsoft Word, PDF, XPS, and WebHelp
  • MadCap Doc-To-Help, an authoring and publishing tool for users who want to create and manage content in a familiar Microsoft® Word environment.
  • MadCap Analyzer, project analysis tool to find and fix errors, remove duplicate content
  • MadCap Capture, a screen capture tool
  • MadCap Contributor, content review for subject matter experts, managers
  • MadCap Lingo, a CAT tool used with Flare, Word, PowerPoint
  • MadCap Mimic, a tool for recording tutorials and software simulations
  • MadCap Pulse, analytic and social collaboration tool

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