Mackie Designs was founded in Seattle by Greg Mackie and designed and manufactured affordable and versatile compact pro audio mixers. Mackie is now a brand of LOUD Technologies. The Mackie brand is used on professional music and recording equipment, such as mixing consoles, loudspeakers, studio monitors and DAW control surfaces, digital recording equipment and more.

Company beginnings

Mackie Designs, Inc. was founded in Woodinville, Washington by Greg Mackie, an ex-Boeing worker who began making pro audio gear and guitar amps in his spare time. After founding the small line mixer manufacturer TAPCO, and later the home audio processor manufacturer AudioControl, Mackie founded Mackie Designs, Inc., designing and manufacturing affordable and versatile compact pro audio mixers. Mackie Mixers sprouted and began life from a condo situated in Edmonds, Washington. The LM-1602, priced at $399 was Mackie Designs' first mixer. By 1991, Mackie Designs had moved to a true factory to concentrate on, and release the CR-1604, a follow-up model to the LM-1602.[1]

Mackie Micro Series 1202 mixer

Mackie's mixers were a tremendous success, forcing Mackie to relocate and expand manufacturing every year in its early years to eventually occupy a 30,000 square-foot factory in 1994 and further expanding to a 90,000 square-foot (2,787 square meter) factory the following year. Mackie Designs took advantage of the Seattle area's plentiful electronic and engineering subcontractors and utilized automated assembly machines to achieve high productivity and quality with lower overall production costs.[2] Mackie was the originator of the Ultra-mix Universal Automation System for 8-bus consoles.[3][4][5]

By 1996, Mackie was diversifying, adding veteran industry designer Cal Perkins to the team and diversifying into power amps, powered mixers, and active studio monitors.[6]

Name change

In 2003, company management renamed Mackie Designs, Inc. as LOUD Technologies, Inc. to avoid confusion between the parent company and the Mackie brand.[7]

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