The Info List - MOS

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MOS may refer to:

* mos, the singular form of mōrēs * Mos, Spain
Mos, Spain
, a municipality in Galicia, Spain in the province of Pontevedra * Mos, a traditional dish of the Nivkh people * Mos language , an aboriginal Mon–Khmer language of Malaya and Thailand * Mos Def
Mos Def
, American hip hop artist and actor * Wash, in Hungarian .


* 1 Government and military * 2 Places

* 3 Technology

* 3.1 Computing

* 4 Other uses * 5 See also


* Master of the Sword
Master of the Sword
, the title for the head of physical education at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point * Member of Service , term used to describe any emergency responder (police officer, firefighter, emergency medical technician) that needs emergency help, usually over two-way radio * Military occupation specialty code , used by the U.S. military to identify a specific job * Ministry of Supply , former British government ministry that co-ordinated military supplies


* Ma On Shan (town)
Ma On Shan (town)
, a town in the New Territories of Hong Kong * Museum of Science (Boston) (MoS), a Boston, Massachusetts landmark, located in Science Park, a plot of land spanning the Charles River, USA


* Mathematical Optimization Society * Metal–oxide–semiconductor
, used to form a gate in some field effect transistors * Model output statistics , a weather-forecasting technique * MOS (filmmaking) , term for a scene that is "motor only sync" or "motor only shot" * MOS Technology
MOS Technology
, a defunct semiconductor company * Mobile operating system , operating systems for mobile devices


* Acorn MOS
Acorn MOS
, an operating system used in the Acorn BBC computer range * Media Object Server , a protocol used in newsroom computer systems * Mean opinion score , a measure of the perceived quality of a signal * MOS (operating system) , a Soviet Unix clone * My Oracle Support, a support site for the users of Oracle Corporation products, known until October 2010 as "MetaLink"


* Mannan oligosaccharide-based nutritional supplements * Margin on Services , financial reporting method for Australian life insurance companies * Moment of symmetry , in music, same as well formed generated collection * MOS (gene) , gene for a human protein expressed in testis during sperm formation * MOS, German vehicle registration plate district code for Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis *