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M6, M06, M.6, or M-6 may refer to:


1 Entertainment 2 Military 3 Technology 4 Transport

4.1 Automobiles 4.2 Aviation 4.3 Public transport 4.4 Roads

5 Other uses


M6 (TV channel), a television channel in France Mike + The Mechanics, the sixth album by Mike & The Mechanics


Hirtenberger M6C-210
Hirtenberger M6C-210
Commando, a 60 mm mortar used by various armies LWRC M6, a series of United States military carbines based on the M4 carbine M6 Aircrew Survival Weapon, a survival rifle for aircraft pilots M6 bayonet, a bayonet for the M14 rifle M6 Bomb Truck, a truck used to move bombs during World War II M6 Gun Motor Carriage, a United States wheeled Tank Destroyer of the Second World War M6 gun, a 3" towed artillery piece M6 heavy tank, a World War II heavy tank design that never entered full production M6 Linebacker, an anti-aircraft variant of the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle M6 mine, a United States metal-cased, circular anti-tank landmine M6 Mosegris, Danish designation for C15TA Armoured Truck M6 propellant M06 Sniper Rifle, Chinese sniper rifle M6 Tractor M6-640, a 60 mm mortar used by the British Army MSwMS M6, a Swedish Navy minesweeper 1941-1955 Springfield Armory M6 Scout, a multipurpose firearm, combining rifle and shotgun SureFire M6 Guardian, a flashlight


M6 (cipher), a block cipher used by Digital Transmission Content Protection M6, a British peak programme meter standard used for measuring the volume of audio broadcasts Meizu M6 miniPlayer, flash-based portable media player M6, a diode electrical component

Transport[edit] Automobiles[edit]

BMW M6, a high-performance version of the 6 Series automobile. BYD M6, an MPV produced by BYD Auto M06 or BMW M30, a 1968 2.5 L-2.8 L straight-6 engine M6 Presto-Matic, a semi-automatic transmission made by Chrysler McLaren M6A, a racing car built by McLaren for the Can-Am series


Amerijet International
Amerijet International
(IATA airline designator: M6), a cargo airline based in the United States Fokker M.6, a 1916 German two-seat experimental aircraft M06, Havre de Grace Seaplane Base
Havre de Grace Seaplane Base
FAA LID Macchi M.6, a 1917 Italian flying boat fighter prototype Miles M.6 Hawcon, a 1930s British experimental monoplane M-6 aero-engine
M-6 aero-engine
1920 Soviet copy of the 220 kW (300 hp) Hispano-Suiza 8Fb
Hispano-Suiza 8Fb
V-8 aero engine

Public transport[edit]

Bucharest Metro Line M6, a planned metro line of the Bucharest Metro M6 (New York City bus), a former New York City Bus route in Manhattan M6 (Istanbul Metro), a short metro line in Istanbul, Turkey M6, a Washington, D.C. Metrobus route Sri Lanka Railways M6, a diesel-electric locomotive used in Sri Lanka M6 (railcar), a Metro-North Railroad railcar


Frederik Meijer Trail, formerly the M-6 Trail, a bike trail running along the M-6 freeway in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area Highway M06 (Ukraine), a road in Ukraine M6 motorway, a motorway in Great Britain

M6 Toll, a toll motorway which relieves traffic on the neighbouring M6

M-6 (Michigan highway), a state highway in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area M6 highway (Russia), another name for the Caspian Highway M6 motorway
M6 motorway
(Hungary), a north-south motorway connecting Budapest to Pécs and Croatia M6 motorway
M6 motorway
(Ireland), a motorway forming part of the N6 Dublin to Galway national primary route

Other uses[edit]

Butterfly Cluster, catalogued as Messier 6 or M6, an open star cluster in the constellation Scorpius shorthand for king Mohammed VI of Morocco M6 ISO metric screw thread Mark Sixma, Dutch trance and house producer Leica M6, a rangefinder camera once popular among photojournalists Canon EOS M6, a mirrorless digital camera

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