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The Lycoming T53, (company designation LTC-1) is a turboshaft engine used on helicopters and (as a turboprop) fixed-wing aircraft since the 1950s. It was designed at the Lycoming Turbine
Engine Division in Stratford, Connecticut by a team headed by Anselm Franz, who was the chief designer of the Junkers Jumo 004
Junkers Jumo 004
during World War II. A much larger engine, similar in overall design, became the Lycoming T55. Both engines are now produced by Honeywell Aerospace.


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Variants[edit] Military designations[edit]

T53-L-1A T53-L-1B 860 hp (645 kW) T53-L-3 T53-L-5 960 hp (720 kW) T53-L-7 T53-L-11 1100 shp (820 kW) T53-L-13 T53-L-13B 1400 shp (1044 kW) improved L-11 T53-L-701 1,400 hp (1044 kW) Turboprop
variant used on Mohawk and AIDC T-CH-1 T53-L-703 1,800 hp (1343 kW) improved durability variant of the L-13B

Civil designations[edit]

T5307A commercial L-7 T5309A commercial L-9A T5309B commercial L-9B T5309C similar to T5309A but with L-11 combustion chamber T5311A 1100 shp (820 kW) T5313A 1400 shp (1044 kW) commercial variant of the L-13 T5313B 1400 shp (1044 kW) commercial variant of the L-13 T5317A 1500 shp (1119 kW) improved variant of the L-13 LTC1B-2 company designation for L-1A LTC1F-1 company designation for L-3 LTC1F-2 company designation for L-7 LTC1K-1 company designation for L-5 LTC1K-2 company designation for L-9 LTC1K-2A company designation for L-9A LTC1K-2B company designation for L-9B LTC1K-4 company designation for L-13 LTC1K-4A for tilt-wing / tilt-rotor aircraft (Canadair CL-84) LTC1K-4K 1550 shp (1156 kW) direct drive variant of the L-13B LTC1K-5 company designation for L-11


(T53-L-701) AIDC XC-2 Bell 204B (T5311A) Bell 205A (T5313B) Bell 205A-1 (T5313B and T5317A) Bell AH-1 Cobra
AH-1 Cobra
(T53-L-703) Bell UH-1H Iroquois (T53-L-703) Bell XV-15
Bell XV-15
(LTC1K-4K) Boeing Vertol VZ-2
Boeing Vertol VZ-2
(YT53) Canadair CL-84 Doak VZ-4 F+W C-3605 Grumman OV-1D Mohawk (T53-L-701) Kaman HH-43 Huskie Kaman K-1200
Kaman K-1200
(T5317A) Kaman K-MAX Ryan VZ-3 Vertiplane DB Class 210, diesel railway locomotive

Specifications (T53-L-701)[edit] Data from Flight International[2] General characteristics

Type: Turboshaft Length: 58.4 in (1,483 mm) Diameter: 23 in (584 mm) Dry weight: 688 lb (312kg)


Compressor: 5-stage axial compressor and 1-stage centrifugal compressor Combustors: reverse flow Turbine: 2-stage high pressure turbine; 2-stage power turbine


Maximum power output: 1,451 shp (1,082 kW) Overall pressure ratio: 7.4 Air mass flow: 10.7 lb/s (4.853 kg/s) Power-to-weight ratio:


^ https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1955/1955%20-%201400.html?search=XT53 ^ Turbine
Engines of the World, 1975 

Gunston, Bill (2006). World Encyclopedia of Aero Engines, 5th Edition. Phoenix Mill, Gloucestershire, England, UK: Sutton Publishing Limited. p. 132. ISBN 0-7509-4479-X. 

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