Lutz is a surname and given name, occasionally a short form of Ludwig. People with the name include:


Adolfo Lutz Adolfo Lutz (6 October 1855 – 18 December 1940) was a Brazilian physician, father of tropical medicine and medical zoology in Brazil, and a pioneer epidemiology, epidemiologist and researcher in infectious diseases. Life Lutz was born in Rio de ...
(1855–1940), Brazilian physician * Aleda E. Lutz (1915–1944), American Army flight nurse * Alois Lutz, Austrian figure skater, for whom the
Lutz jump The Lutz is a figure skating jump, named after Alois Lutz, an Austrian skater who performed it in 1913. It is a toepick-assisted jump with an entrance from a back outside edge and landing on the back outside edge of the opposite foot. It is the s ...
is named * Anke Lutz (born 1970), German chess master * Berta Lutz (1894–1976), Brazilian scientist and feminist *Bob Lutz (businessman) (born 1932), Swiss American V.P. of General Motors *Bob Lutz (tennis) (born 1947), American tennis player *Bob Lutz (American football), American high school football coach *Bobby Lutz (basketball) (born 1958), American college basketball coach *Brenda Lutz, Scottish-American political science writer *Carl Lutz (1895–1975), Swiss vice-consul to Hungary during WWII, credited with saving over 62,000 Jews *Chris Lutz, (born 1985), American-Filipino professional basketball player *Christopher Lutz (born 1971), German chess grandmaster *Eduard von Lutz, (1810–1893), Bavarian Major General and War Minister *Edwin George Lutz, American illustrator and author *Élisabeth Lutz (1914–2008), French mathematician *Erwin Lutz, Austrian prison chef, who protected Jews in WWII *Friedel Lutz (born 1939), German football player *Friedrich Lutz (1852–1918), Bavarian politician *Friedrich A. Lutz (1901–1975), German economist *Gabrielle Lutz (1935–2011), French Olympic sprint canoeist *Gary Lutz, American writer of poetry and fiction *George Lutz and Kathy Lutz, basis for the family depicted in ''The Amityville Horror'' *Giles A. Lutz (1910–1982), American author of Western novels *Gizella Lutz (1906–1992), Hungarian wife of Ferenc Szálasi *Hans Lutz (born 1949), German track and road cyclist *Hartmut Lutz (born 1945), German professor of Canadian and American Studies *Hermann Lutz (1881–1965), German civil servant and social science writer *Jack Lutz, American computer scientist *Jarka Lutz, Czechoslovak-French slalom canoeist *Jean Baptiste Lutz (born 1988), French sprint canoeist *Jo Lutz (born 1980), Australian rower * (born 1812), Rhenish Missionary and progenitor of the Lutz Family in South Africa *John Lutz (mystery writer), John Lutz (1939–2021), American author of mystery novels *John Lutz (born 1973), American television writer and actor **J. D. Lutz, a fictionalized version of this person on ''30 Rock'' *Joe Lutz (1925–2008), American professional baseball player and coach *Joseph Lutz (1933–1999), American major general *Julie Lutz, American astronomer *Karen McCullah Lutz, American screenwriter and novelist *Kellan Lutz (born 1985), American actor *Ken Lutz (born 1965), American football player *Larry Lutz (1913–1998), American football player and coach *Mark A. Lutz (born 1941), Swiss-born economics professor *Mark Lutz (actor) (born 1970), American actor *Mark Lutz (athlete) (born 1951), American sprinter *Martin Lutz (born 1950), German conductor *Matilda Lutz (born 1991), Italian actress *Matt Lutz (born 1978), American actor *Meyer Lutz (1829–1903), German composer of musicals *Oswald Lutz (1876–1944), first German tank general *, designer of a swing-piston engine *Raymond Lutz (born 1957), American businessman, electronics engineer and politician *Rudolf Lutz (born 1951), Swiss harpsichordist and conductor *Russell Lutz (born 1968), American science fiction author *Ton Lutz, (1919–2009), Dutch actor *Vera Lutz (1912–1976), British economist *Wil Lutz (born 1994), American football placekicker *William D. Lutz (born 1940), American linguist *Winifred Ann Lutz (born 1942), American sculptor and fiber artist *Zach Lutz (born 1986), American professional baseball player

First name or nickname

*Lutz Altepost (born 1981), German flatwater canoeist *Lutz Bacher (1943–2019), pseudonym of an American artist in a variety of media *Lutz Dombrowski (born 1959), German long jumper *Lutz Eigendorf (1956–1983), German footballer and defector *Lutz Fleischer (born 1956), German painter and graphic artist *Lutz Gerresheim (1958–1980), German footballer *Lutz Glandien (born 1954), German classical and electroacoustic composer and musician *Lutz Goepel (born 1942), German politician *Lutz Hachmeister (born 1959), German media historian, filmmaker and journalist *Lutz Heck, Ludwig George Heinrich Heck, (1892–1983), German zoologist *Lutz Heilmann (born 1966), German left-wing politician *Lutz Heßlich (born 1959), German racing cyclist *Lutz Hoffmann (1959–1997), German Olympic gymnast *Lutz Jacobi (born 1955), Dutch politician *Lutz Jäncke (born 1957), neuropsychologist *Lutz Kayser, German aerospace engineer, founded OTRAG *Lutz Kleveman (born 1974), German author, journalist and photographer *Lutz Körner, German slalom canoeist *Lutz Kühnlenz, German luger *Lutz Langer, German Paralympic shot putter *Lutz Lindemann (born 1949), German football coach and former player *Lutz Liwowski (born 1967), German sprint canoeist *Lutz Long (1913–1943), German Olympic long jumper *Lutz Mack (born 1952), German Olympic gymnast *Lutz Meyer-Goßner (born 1936), German jurist and law professor *Lutz Mommartz (born 1934), German filmmaker *Lutz Pfannenstiel (born 1973), German football goalkeeper *Lutz Philipp (1940–2012), German Olympic long-distance runner *Lutz Rathenow (born 1952), German dissident writer and poet *Lutz Roeder, software engineer, author of .NET Reflector *Lutz D. Schmadel (1942–2016), German astronomer *Lutz Schülbe (born 1961), German footballer *Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk (1887–1977), German politician *Lutz Taufer, German activist with links to the Socialist Patients' Collective (SPK) *Lutz Templin, (1901–1973), German jazz bandleader *Lutz Ulbricht (born 1942), German Olympic rower *Lutz Unger (born 1951), German Olympic swimmer *Lutz Wahl (1869–1928), American major general *Lutz Wanja (born 1956), German Olympic backstroke swimmer *Lutz Wienhold (born 1965), German footballer *Lutz Winde (born 1966), German actor and director *Lutz Wingert (born 1958), German philosopher {{given name, type=both German masculine given names German-language surnames Informal personal names Hypocorisms