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LUTHER DAY (July 9, 1813 – March 8, 1885) was a Republican politician in the U.S. State of Ohio
who was in the Ohio Senate
Ohio Senate
and a judge on the Ohio
Supreme Court 1865–1875.


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Day was born at Granville , Washington County, New York
Washington County, New York
, and attended common schools. His father died when Luther was twelve, and he worked until age twenty to support the family at a farm and sawmill. In 1835, he entered Middlebury College in Vermont
, and studied for three years. He moved to Ravenna , Portage County, Ohio
, studied law under Rufus P. Spalding , and was admitted to the bar October 8, 1840.

In 1843, Day was elected Prosecuting Attorney of Portage County, but moved to Akron in 1845 for about a year. On July 24, 1845, Day married Rufus Spalding's daughter, Emily Swift Spalding. Back in Ravenna, he was elected Prosecutor again in 1849. In 1850, he was an unsuccessful Democratic Party candidate for the United States House of Representatives . In 1851 he was elected Common Pleas Judge and served two terms.

April 10, 1852, Mrs. Day died, and Day remarried April 26, 1854 to Ellen I. Barnes of Lanesboro, Massachusetts . His second term on the court expired in 1857, and he returned to private practice.

When the American Civil War
American Civil War
started, Day became a Republican. He was appointed Judge Advocate General by Governor Tod . In 1863, he was elected to the Ohio Senate