Lunda Sul Province


:''Lunda Sul Province is not to be confused with , a satellite city of , the capital of Angola.'' Lunda Sul ("Lunda South") is a of . It has an area of 77,637 km² and a 2014 census population of 537,587. is the capital of the province.

Geography and climate

The Lunda Sul province is located in the extreme east of Angola, the capital of located by road east of the capital . It is bordered to the north by , to the east by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the south by and southwest by , and to the west by . The main road from Luanda to traverses the province from west to east. The province is dominated by dry land; only in the valley are there remnants of tropical rainforest. The Kasai forms the eastern and southern frontier of Lunda Sul and is the main river of the province. The is also a major river of the province. The climate of the province is predominantly tropical.


The province of Lunda Sul contains four (4) (municípios): * * * *


The province of Lunda Sul contains the following (''comunas''); sorted by their respective municipalities: * Cacolo Municipality: – (Alto-Chikapa), , (Kukumbi), * Dala Municipality: – (Cazeje), , * Muconda Municipality: – (Kassai Sul), , , (Murieje) * Saurimo Municipality: – (Mona-Kimbundo), ,

Economy and social issues

Economically the province is dominated by cultivation, which is operated primarily in the Saurimo area. In the south of the province production is major contributing factor. Other agricultural products include , and s. This region is rich with diamonds, manganese and iron which are exploited; mine in Lunda Sul Province is the fourth largest diamond mine in the world. Due to warfare in the region, at times mining has been disrupted by attacks form the , especially in 1999-2000. In spring 1999, UNITA destroyed the bridge on the Kasai River at , affecting transport communications in the region between Lunda Sul and Moxico. Like in many other areas of Angola, are a serious problem, and it is described as being "severely mined". As of 1995, some 30 major or strategic bridges and 58 secondary bridges had been destroyed in the province according to reports. "Forced return and restrictions to freedom of movement" by people has been noted in the province, and the and provinces.


The origin of the province's population belongs to the ethnic groups of the and people, which are closely connected historically. They are mainly involved in agriculture. There are also many immigrants from other parts of the country, working for the or as independent diamond miners. The struggle between the Lunda and Chokwe to obtain wealth from the diamond industry has increased tension in the province.

List of governors of Lunda Sul


Notable people

Here are some of the notable people from this province: * Yola Araújo, songwriter and musician. * Daniel Félix Neto, Saurimo’s current governor. * Tonilson B.J. Luis is a young angolan internet personality, dancer, former fashion model, part-time singer, writer & songwriter, also known as ''TJ''. He is vegetarian and an activist in a small extent. He also plays basketball and likes computing. He has a YouTube channel, a Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Triller, Facebook and Snapchat account


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