Luleå University of Technology (Swedish: Luleå tekniska universitet) of Sweden is Scandinavia's northernmost university of technology. It has four campuses, located in Luleå (the main campus), Kiruna (space science), Skellefteå (wood technology and computer game engineering) and Piteå (Department of music and media).


The university was founded on 1 June 1971 at Porsön in Luleå as Högskoleenheten i Luleå. The name was later changed to Högskolan i Luleå (Luleå University College). In 1997, it was granted university status by the Swedish government, and is since known as Luleå University of Technology.

In 1977 it was merged with the older Teacher's Training College of Luleå and a year later Piteå School of Music (Musikhögskolan i Piteå) was created.

Master Programmes

LTU offers 17 Master programs that include programs in Civil Engineering, Climate Sensitive Urban Planning and Building, Wood Technology, Spacecraft Design along with other programs.

Students' unions

Regnbågsallén (Rainbow Avenue)
View over the university
Luleå University of Technology
Map of the campus in Luleå, from OpenStreetMap.

As of 2005, there are three students' unions at the university, Teknologkåren vid Luleå tekniska universitet (the Student Association of Engineering at Luleå University of Technology)[2] for students studying towards an engineering or other degree within the field of technology, Piteå Studentkår (the Students' Union in Piteå)[3] and Luleå studentkår (Luleå Students' Union)[4] for most other students.

The unions are divided into sections, each responsible for a somewhat arbitrary number of academic programmes. They are run by a board of eight to ten students for no profit.

Luleå Student Union has the following sections:

The Student Association of Engineering has the following sections:

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