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Lukas Hinds-Johnson (born 25 December 1988)
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is a German
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player, playing for the
RK 03 Berlin The RK 03 Berlin is a German rugby union club from Berlin, currently playing in the Rugby-Bundesliga. The club was formed in 2003, when the rugby department of the ''Post SV Berlin'' left the club. ''Post SV Rugby'' itself had been formed in 196 ...
in the Rugby-Bundesliga and the German national rugby union team.


Hinds-Johnson started his career with the Hamburger RC at the age of 14. He was part of a group of German players which were sent to
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in 2009 to improve their rugby skills at the Academy as part of the Wild Rugby Academy program. He spent six months in South Africa, together with Benjamin Ulrich from RK 03 Berlin and decided upon his return to Germany to move to
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and join ''RK 03''.TotalRugby Wechselbörse, published: 11 November 2009, accessed: 23 March 2010 He made his debut for Germany against Georgia on 6 February 2010.


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