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Lucretia Lombard, also known as Flaming Passion, is a 1923 silent film drama directed by Jack Conway and produced and distributed by Warner Bros. It stars Irene Rich, Monte Blue
Monte Blue
and a young Norma Shearer, just prior to her signing with MGM.[1][2]


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Irene Rich
Irene Rich
as Lucretia Lombard Monte Blue
Monte Blue
as Stephen Winship Marc McDermott
Marc McDermott
as Sir Allen Lombard Norma Shearer
Norma Shearer
as Mimi Alec B. Francis
Alec B. Francis
as Judge Winship John Roche as Fred Winship Lucy Beaumont
Lucy Beaumont
as Mrs. Winship Otto Hoffman
Otto Hoffman
as Sandy, Lombard's servant

Preservation status[edit] This film still survives at George Eastman House
George Eastman House
and Pacific Film Archive.[3] It was transferred onto 16mm film by Associated Artists Productions[4] in the 1950s and shown on television. References[edit]

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Lucretia Lombard
at silentera.com ^ The Library of Congress American Silent Feature Film Survival Catalog:Lucretia Lombard ^ 1957 MOVIES FROM AAP Warner Bros Features & Cartoons SALES BOOK DIRECTED AT TV

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Lucretia Lombard
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Lucretia Lombard
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