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Lucius Plautius Lamia Silvanus (ca 110 – aft. 145) was a Roman senator, who was suffect consul for the nundinium of March-April 145 with Lucius Poblicola Priscus as his colleague.[1] Silvanus was the son of Lucius Fundanius Laemia Aelianus and wife Annia. According to the Augustan History, Silvanus married Aurelia Fadilla (died 135), daughter of Antoninus Pius
Antoninus Pius
and Annia Galeria Faustina or Faustina the Elder.[2] The Augustan History
Augustan History
claims that Fabia Orestilla, the wife of Gordian I, was a descendant of the Emperor Antoninus Pius
Antoninus Pius
through her father Fulvus Antoninus, a descendant of Silvanus.[3] Modern historians have dismissed this name and her information as false, as they believe his wife was the granddaughter of Greek Sophist, consul and tutor Herodes Atticus. References[edit]

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Antoninus Pius
1.7; translated by Anthony Birley, Lives of the Later Caesars (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1976), p. 96 ^ Historia Augusta, The Three Gordians, 17.4

Political offices

Preceded by Antonius Pius
Antonius Pius
IV, and Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius
II as ordinary consuls Suffect consul of the Roman Empire 145 with Lucius Poblicola Priscus Succeeded by Gnaeus Arrius Cornelius Proculus, and Decius Junius Paetus as suffect consuls

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