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The Lost River Range
Lost River Range
is a high mountain range of the Rocky Mountains, located in central Idaho, in the northwestern United States.[1] It runs southeast for approximately 75 miles (121 km) from the Salmon River near the community of Challis to the Snake River
Snake River
Valley near Arco. To the west are the valleys of the Salmon and the Big Lost Rivers, while to the east are the Little Lost River
Little Lost River
and Pashimeroi Valleys. The range starts at the east bank of the Salmon River, at an elevation of about 5,000 feet (1,500 m). It quickly rises to Grouse Creek Mountain (11,085 ft, 3,378 m) and Dickey Peak (11,141 ft, 3,395 m), and then descends to Double Springs Pass, location of one of just two roads to cross the range. Nearby is an interpretive site explaining the effects of the magnitude 6.9 Borah Peak
Borah Peak
earthquake that hit the range on October 28, 1983. The Big Lost River
Big Lost River
Valley fell and the Lost River Range
Lost River Range
rose, leaving a fault scarp of up to 14 ft (4.3 m) along the base of the mountains.

Borah Peak, Idaho, looking east (note 1983 earthquake fault scarp).

The range then rises into its high central section, which includes many of the state's highest peaks. Borah Peak, the highest, climbs to 12,662 ft (3,859 m). Further south are Mount Idaho (12,065 ft, 3,677 m), Leatherman Peak
Leatherman Peak
(12,228 ft, 3,727 m), Mount Church (over 12,200 ft, 3,720 m), Mount Breitenbach (12,140 ft, 3,700 m), and Lost River Mountain (12,078 ft, 3,681 m). To the east of this section of the range lie the remote canyons of the Upper Pashimeroi Valley, including scenic Merriam Lake.

Panorama of the Upper Pashimeroi Valley, including Leatherman Peak (center)

The range then descends to Pass Creek Summit, the second road to cross its crest. It continues to King Mountain (10,612 ft, 3,235 m), a favorite site for hang gliders. Finally it descends sharply to the Snake River
Snake River
Valley near the community of Arco, at an elevation of 5,300 ft (1,600 m).

Merriam Lake, Idaho, in the Lost River Range.


The ten highest peaks of the Lost River Range[2]

Mountain Peak Elevation Prominence Isolation Location

Borah Peak 7003385900000000000♠12,661 ft 3859 m 7003182300000000000♠5,981 ft 1823 m 7005242620000000000♠150.8 mi 243 km 44°08′15″N 113°46′52″W / 44.137376°N 113.781122°W / 44.137376; -113.781122 (Borah Peak)

Leatherman Peak 7003372700000000000♠12,228 ft 3727 m 7002508000000000000♠1,667 ft 508 m 7003726000000000000♠4.51 mi 7.26 km 44°04′55″N 113°43′59″W / 44.082038°N 113.733004°W / 44.082038; -113.733004 (Leatherman Peak)

Mount Church 7003371900000000000♠12,201 ft 3719 m 7002281000000000000♠922 ft 281 m 7003237000000000000♠1.47 mi 2.37 km 44°03′58″N 113°42′48″W / 44.066058°N 113.713397°W / 44.066058; -113.713397 (Mount Church)

Mount Breitenbach 7003370000000000000♠12,139 ft 3700 m 7002189000000000000♠620 ft 189 m 7003324000000000000♠2.01 mi 3.24 km 44°03′55″N 113°40′22″W / 44.065166°N 113.672913°W / 44.065166; -113.672913 (Mount Breitenbach)

Lost River Peak 7003368100000000000♠12,077 ft 3681 m 7002206000000000000♠676 ft 206 m 7003295000000000000♠1.83 mi 2.95 km 44°02′32″N 113°39′17″W / 44.042135°N 113.654658°W / 44.042135; -113.654658 (Lost River Mountain)

Mount Idaho 7003367700000000000♠12,064 ft 3677 m 7002324000000000000♠1,063 ft 324 m 7003349000000000000♠2.17 mi 3.49 km 44°06′22″N 113°46′40″W / 44.106047°N 113.777803°W / 44.106047; -113.777803 (Mount Idaho)

Donaldson Peak 7003366500000000000♠12,024 ft 3665 m 7001930000000000000♠305 ft 93 m 7003106000000000000♠0.66 mi 1.06 km 44°03′51″N 113°42′02″W / 44.064177°N 113.700468°W / 44.064177; -113.700468 (Donaldson Peak)

USGS Peak 7003365200000000000♠11,982 ft 3652 m 7002543000000000000♠1,781 ft 543 m 7003666000000000000♠4.14 mi 6.66 km 44°00′48″N 113°34′55″W / 44.013325°N 113.581851°W / 44.013325; -113.581851 (USGS Peak)

No Regret Peak 7003364900000000000♠11,972 ft 3649 m 7001770000000000000♠253 ft 77 m 7003122000000000000♠0.76 mi 1.22 km 44°04′15″N 113°41′18″W / 44.070711°N 113.688291°W / 44.070711; -113.688291 (No Regret Peak)

Peak 11,947 7003364800000000000♠11,969 ft 3648 m 7002185000000000000♠607 ft 185 m 7003143000000000000♠0.89 mi 1.43 km 44°05′37″N 113°46′21″W / 44.093748°N 113.772629°W / 44.093748; -113.772629 (Peak 11967)


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