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Loei City Football Club (
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semi professional
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club based in Loei Province. The club currently plays in Thai League 4 North Eastern Region.


Founded in 2009, Loei joined the new Thai football setup and started at the 3rd level setup, the 2009 Regional League Division 2 North Eastern Region, Regional League North-East Division. Loei duly came out on top come the end of the regular league season, thus claiming their first ever championship and also crowned as the first ever winners of the Regional League North-East Division. On winning the championship, Loei entered the Regional League Championships 2009, 2009 Regional League Championships. An end of season mini-league for all 5 Regional League Division 2 championship winning teams. They retained 2010 Thai Division 2 League North Eastern Region title. For the second consecutive season they entered 2010 Regional League Division 2 play-offs. Yet again the Division 1 eluded them, and disappointingly Loei finished bottom in their mini-league.


History of events of Loei City Football Club


Domestic leagues

*Regional League North-East Division ** Winners (2) : 2009 Thai Division 2 League North Eastern Region, 2009,2010 Thai Division 2 League North Eastern Region, 2010 ** Runner Up (1) : 2011 Thai Division 2 League North Eastern Region, 2011

Stadium and locations

Season by season record

*P = Played *W = Games won *D = Games drawn *L = Games lost *F = Goals for *A = Goals against *Pts = Points *Pos = Final position *QR1 = First Qualifying Round *QR2 = Second Qualifying Round *R1 = Round 1 *R2 = Round 2 *R3 = Round 3 *R4 = Round 4 *R5 = Round 5 *R6 = Round 6 *QF = Quarter-finals *SF = Semi-finals *RU = Runners-up *W = Winners


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