The Liujia Line (Chinese: 六家線; pinyin: Liùjiā Xiàn) is a branch line of the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) Western Line. It is located in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. It was built to link the Western Line to the THSR's Hsinchu Station, speeding up transit times between the two forms of rail service and, by extension, downtown Hsinchu City. The opening of the line experienced slight delays and eventually opened in November 2011.[1][2]


Station Chinese Distance
(from Zhuzhong)
Notes Location
Zhuzhong 竹中 0 Taiwan Railways Administration Taiwan Trunk Line (N)
Taiwan Railways Administration Neiwan Line
Zhudong Hsinchu
Liujia 六家 3.1 km AB-Kreuz.svg Taiwan High Speed Rail THSR Hsinchu Station Zhubei


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