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LITTLE BELIZE is a colony of conservative German-speaking "Russian" Mennonites , known as "Old Colony Mennonites", in the Corozal District of the nation of Belize . Little Belize is located west of Progresso at an elevation of 1 meter above sea level. Because the Mennonite colony is close to Progresso, it is sometimes called "Progresso".

The population is mostly Mennonite . According to the 2000 census, Little Belize had a population of 2,059 people. In 2010 the population had grown to 2,650 people in 427 households.


Mennonites in Belize


* ^ Belize Population and Housing Census - Country Report 2010

Coordinates : 18°12′N 88°24′W / 18.200°N 88.400°W / 18.200; -88.400

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