The Info List - Lists Of Office-holders

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These are lists of incumbents (individuals holding offices or positions), including heads of states or of subnational entities. A historical discipline, archontology, focuses on the study of past and current office holders. Incumbents may also be found in the countries' articles (main article and "Politics of") and the list of national leaders, recent changes in 2007 in politics, and past leaders on State leaders by year and Colonial governors by year. Various articles group lists by title, function or topic: e.g. abdication, assassinated persons, cabinet (government), chancellor, ex-monarchs (20th century), head of government, head of state, lieutenant governor, mayor, military commanders, minister (and ministers by portfolio below), order of precedence, peerage, president, prime minister, Reichstag participants (1792), Secretary of State.


1 Heads of international organizations 2 Heads of state or government

2.1 Africa

2.1.1 Eastern Africa 2.1.2 Horn of Africa 2.1.3 Middle Africa 2.1.4 Northern Africa 2.1.5 Southern Africa 2.1.6 Western Africa

2.2 Americas

2.2.1 Caribbean 2.2.2 Central America 2.2.3 North America 2.2.4 South America

2.3 Asia

2.3.1 Central Asia 2.3.2 Eastern Asia 2.3.3 Southeastern Asia 2.3.4 South Asia 2.3.5 Western Asia

2.4 Europe

2.4.1 Eastern Europe 2.4.2 Northern Europe 2.4.3 Southern Europe 2.4.4 Western Europe

2.5 Oceania

2.5.1 Australasia 2.5.2 Melanesia 2.5.3 Micronesia 2.5.4 Polynesia

3 Religious leaders

3.1 Christian

3.1.1 Catholic Church 3.1.2 Anglican Communion 3.1.3 Other denominations

3.2 Judaism 3.3 Islam 3.4 Buddhist

4 Other lists

4.1 Ministers by portfolio 4.2 Municipal leaders

5 External links

Heads of international organizations[edit] See also: International organization leaders by year

of the European Commission United Nations Secretary-General United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees International Monetary Fund
International Monetary Fund
Managing Directors Director-General of the World Trade Organization NATO Secretaries General FIFA presidents International Olympic Committee
International Olympic Committee

Heads of state or government[edit] See also: List of current heads of state and government and Lists of state leaders by year Africa[edit] Eastern Africa[edit]

Burundi: Rulers of Burundi Comoros:

Rulers of Comoros Sultans on the Comoros

Kenya: Rulers of Kenya Madagascar: Rulers of Madagascar

Monarchs of Madagascar
(until 1897) Colonial Heads of Madagascar List of Presidents of Madagascar

(former Nyasaland, former British Central Africa Protectorate)

Heads of state of Malawi Heads of government of Malawi Colonial heads of Malawi

Rulers of Malawi Rulers of Nkamanga Rulers of the Ngoni Dynasty of Jere (Qeko) Rulers of the Ngoni Dynasty of Maseko (Gomani)


Presidents of Mauritius Governors-General of Mauritius Prime Ministers of Mauritius


Heads of state of Mozambique Heads of government of Mozambique Heads of National Resistance Government of Mozambique Colonial heads of Mozambique

Colonial heads of Delagoa Bay


Kings of Rwanda Presidents of Rwanda Prime Ministers of Rwanda


Presidents of Seychelles


Presidents of Tanzania Prime Ministers of Tanzania Presidents of Zanzibar Prime Ministers of Zanzibar

Governors-General of Tanganyika Presidents of Tanganyika Sultans of Zanzibar


Governors-General of Uganda Presidents of Uganda Prime Ministers of Uganda Kings of Nkole Kings of Buganda


Presidents of Zambia


Munhumutapa emperors Prime Ministers of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Prime Ministers of Rhodesia Presidents of Rhodesia Presidents of Zimbabwe

Horn of Africa[edit]

Djibouti: Rulers of Djibouti Eritrea: Rulers of Eritrea Ethiopia: Rulers of Ethiopia Somalia

Presidents of Somalia Prime Ministers of Somalia

Middle Africa[edit]


Heads of state of Angola
(see also: Presidents of Angola
with information specific to that post) Heads of government of Angola
(see also: Prime Minister of Angola
with information specific to that post) List of current Angolan ministers Colonial heads of Angola

Heads of state of Democratic People's Republic of Angola Heads of government of Democratic People's Republic of Angola Heads of state of Cabinda Heads of government of Cabinda Colonial and provincial heads of Cabinda


Heads of state of Cameroon Heads of government of Cameroon Colonial heads of British Cameroon

Heads of government of British Cameroon
(Cameroons) Colonial heads of French Cameroon
(Cameroun) Heads of government of French Cameroon
(Cameroun) Colonial heads of German Cameroon
(Kamerun) Colonial heads of Ambas Bay
Colonial heads of Ambas Bay
(Victoria Colony) Rulers of Bamoun (Mum) Rulers of Mandara

Central African Republic

Heads of state of the Central African Republic
Central African Republic
(and Central African Empire) Heads of government of the Central African Republic
Central African Republic
(and Central African Empire) Colonial heads of Central Africa (Oubangui-Chari)


Heads of state of Chad Heads of government of Chad Colonial heads of Chad

Rulers of Baguirmi Rulers of Wada’i

Kanem-Bornu emperors

Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Zaire/'Congo-Kinshasa')

Heads of state of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Heads of government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Heads of state of the Congo Free State Colonial heads of Congo

Rulers of Katanga Rulers of Kuba Rulers of Luba Rulers of Ruund (Luunda) Rulers of Kasongo Luunda (Yaka) Rulers of Kongo Kongo

Rulers of Kongo

Congo, Republic of the (Congo-Brazzaville)

Heads of state of the Republic of the Congo Heads of government of the Republic of the Congo

Colonial heads of French Equatorial Africa

Equatorial Guinea

Heads of state of Equatorial Guinea Heads of government of Equatorial Guinea Colonial heads of Equatorial Guinea
Equatorial Guinea
(Fernando Poo/Spanish Guinea)


Heads of state of Gabon Heads of government of Gabon Colonial heads of Gabon

Rulers of Orungu

São Tomé and Príncipe

Heads of state of São Tomé and Príncipe Heads of government of São Tomé and Príncipe Presidents of the Regional Government of Príncipe Colonial Heads of São Tomé and Príncipe

Northern Africa[edit]


People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

Heads of state of Algeria Heads of government of Algeria
(see also: Prime Ministers of Algeria with information specific to that post)

French Algeria
(French departements)

French Governors of Algeria

Ottoman regency of Algiers

Ottoman Pashas and Deys of the Regency of Algiers

(Western Algeria) before the Ottomans

Ziyanid dynasty

Western Ifriqiya
(Eastern Algeria) before the Ottomans

Hammadid dynasty


Rulers of Egypt Heads of government of Egypt Colonial heads of Egypt Pharaohs Egyptian dynasties Bahri dynasty
Bahri dynasty
of Egypt Burji dynasty
Burji dynasty
of Egypt Ayyubid dynasty Fatimid
Caliphs Monarchs of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty


Heads of state of Libya Heads of government of Libya Colonial heads of Libya

Colonial Heads of Tripolitania Colonial heads of Cyrenaica Colonial heads of Fezzan

Rulers of Ottoman Libya Chiefs of the Senussi
order Cyrene: Kings of Cyrene


List of rulers of Morocco Heads of government of Morocco

French Resident Ministers in Morocco Spanish High Commissioners in Morocco Administrators of the Tangier International Zone

Alaouite dynasty Saadi dynasty Wattasid dynasty Marinid dynasty Almohad dynasty Almoravid dynasty Idrisid dynasty Presidents of Western Sahara

(formerly Anglo-Egyptian -)

Presidents of Sudan Prime Ministers of Sudan Presidents of Southern Sudan Vice-Presidents of Southern Sudan Kings of Makuria Kings of Sennar Kush

Kushite Kings List of Egyptian viceroys of Kush


Presidents of Tunisia Prime Ministers of Tunisia Beys of Tunis Hafsid dynasty Zirid dynasty Aghlabid
dynasty Carthage: Kings of Carthage

Southern Africa[edit]

(former Bechuanaland)

Heads of state of Botswana Heads of government of Botswana Colonial heads of Botswana

Rulers of baKgatla Rulers of baKwêna Rulers of Balete (baMalete) Rulers of baNgwaketse Rulers of Bangwato (bamaNgwato) Rulers of baRôlông Rulers of baTawana Rulers of baTlôkwa


Kings of Lesotho Heads of government of Lesotho


Presidents of Namibia Prime Ministers of Namibia

South Africa

List of Zulu kings Governors-General of South Africa President
of South Africa Prime Ministers of South Africa

Heads of state of Bophuthatswana Heads of state of Ciskei Heads of state of Transkei Heads of government of Transkei Heads of state of Venda Chief Ministers of Gazankulu Chief Ministers of KwaNdebele Chief Ministers of KaNgwane Chief Ministers of KwaZulu Chief Ministers of Lebowa Chief Ministers of QwaQwa


Kings of Swaziland Heads of government of Swaziland

Western Africa[edit]

(former Dahomey)

Heads of state of Benin Heads of government of Benin Colonial heads of Benin
(Dahomey and Porto-Novo)

Colonial heads of São João Baptista de Ajudá Rulers of Hogbonu (Ajashe/Porto-Novo)

Bariba (Borgu) states

Rulers of the Bariba state of Kandi Rulers of the Bariba state of Kwande Rulers of the Bariba state of Nikki Rulers of the Bariba state of Paraku

Berba states

Rulers of the Berba state of Gwande

Ewe states

Rulers of the Ewe state of Agwe

Fon states

Rulers of the Fon state of Alada (Allada) Rulers of the Fon state of Danhome (Agbome) (Dahomey) Rulers of the Fon state of Savi Hweda

Gurmanche states

Rulers of the Gurmanche state of Jugu (Sugu)

Mahi states

Rulers of the Mahi state of Fitta Rulers of the Mahi state of Savalu

Yoruba states

Rulers of the Yoruba state of Dassa Rulers of the Yoruba state of Icha Rulers of the Yoruba state of Ketu Rulers of the Yoruba state of Sabe

Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso
(former Upper Volta)

Heads of state of Burkina Faso Heads of government of Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso
(see also: Prime Minister of Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso
with information specific to that post) Colonial heads of Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso
(Upper Volta) Mossi States:-

Rulers of the Mossi state of Gurunsi Rulers of the Mossi state of Gwiriko Rulers of the Mossi state of Liptako Rulers of the Mossi state of Tenkodogo Rulers of the Mossi state of Wogodogo Rulers of the Mossi state of Yatenga Rulers of the Gurma Mossi state of Bilanga Rulers of the Gurma Mossi state of Bilayanga Rulers of the Gurma Mossi state of Bongandini Rulers of the Gurma Mossi state of Con Rulers of the Gurma Mossi state of Kuala Rulers of the Gurma Mossi state of Macakoali Rulers of the Gurma Mossi state of Nungu Rulers of the Gurma Mossi state of Pama Rulers of the Gurma Mossi state of Piela

Cape Verde

Heads of state of Cape Verde Heads of government of Cape Verde
Cape Verde
(see also: Prime Minister of Cape Verde with information specific to that post) Colonial heads of Cape Verde

Ivory Coast

Heads of state of Ivory Coast Heads of government of Ivory Coast Colonial heads of Ivory Coast

The Gambia

Heads of state of the Gambia
Heads of state of the Gambia
(see also Governors-General of the Gambia) Heads of government of the Gambia Colonial Heads of the Gambia

Ghana: Rulers of Ghana

Heads of state of Ghana Emperors of Ghana


Heads of state of Guinea Heads of government of Guinea Colonial heads of Guinea


Heads of state of Guinea-Bissau Heads of government of Guinea-Bissau Colonial heads of Portuguese Guinea

Colonial heads of Bissau Colonial heads of Cacheu


Presidents of Liberia Agents and Governors of Liberia

Colonial heads of Maryland Colonial heads of Mississippi Colonial Heads of Port Cresson and Bassa Cove

(former French Sudan)

Heads of state of Mali Heads of government of Mali Colonial heads of Mali Emperors of Mali, see Mali
Empire Kings of Mali, see Mansa Songhai emperors, see Songhai Empire


Heads of state of Mauritania Heads of government of Mauritania Colonial heads of Mauritania


Heads of state of Niger Heads of government of Niger


Governors-General of Nigeria Presidents of Nigeria Heads of State of Biafra List of Sultans of Sokoto


Presidents of Senegal

Sierra Leone

Governors-General of Sierra Leone Presidents of Sierra Leone Heads of government of Sierra Leone


Heads of State of Togo Heads of government of Togo

Americas[edit] Caribbean[edit]

Antigua and Barbuda

Governors-General of Antigua and Barbuda Prime Ministers of Antigua and Barbuda


Governors-General of the Bahamas Heads of government of the Bahamas Colonial heads of the Bahamas


Governors-General of Barbados Prime Ministers of Barbados


First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba
(de facto leader) Presidents of Cuba Premiers of Cuba Colonial heads of Cuba


Presidents of Dominica Prime Ministers of Dominica

Dominican Republic

Presidents of the Dominican Republic


Governors-General of Grenada Prime Ministers of Grenada Colonial heads of Grenada Colonial heads of the Windward Islands


List of colonial governors of Saint-Domingue Presidents of Haiti


Governors-General of Jamaica Prime Ministers of Jamaica

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Governors-General of Saint Kitts and Nevis Prime Ministers of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Lucia

Governors-General of Saint Lucia Prime Ministers of Saint Lucia

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Governors-General of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Ministers of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Trinidad and Tobago

Governors-General of Trinidad and Tobago Presidents of Trinidad and Tobago Prime Ministers of Trinidad and Tobago

Central America[edit]


Governors-General of Belize Prime Ministers of Belize Maya rulers of Caracol, see Caracol

Costa Rica

Presidents of Costa Rica

El Salvador

Presidents of El Salvador


Presidents of Guatemala Maya rulers of Tikal, see Tikal


Presidents of Honduras Maya kings of Xukpi, see Copán


Presidents of Nicaragua


Presidents of Panama

North America[edit]


Office-holders of Canada


Presidents of Mexico Aztec
emperors, see Hueyi Tlatoani Maya rulers of Calakmul, see Calakmul Maya rulers of Palenque, see Palenque Maya rulers of Tonina, see Tonina Toltec
rulers Viceroys of New Spain

United States

Office-holders of the United States

South America[edit]


Presidents of Argentina


Presidents of Bolivia


Brazilian monarchs Presidents of Brazil

Governors of Distrito Federal Governors of Minas Gerais Governors of Rio de Janeiro

Mayors of Rio de Janeiro

Governors of São Paulo


Presidents of Chile

Governors of Cardenal Caro

Mayors of Pichilemu

Kings of Easter Island Royal Governors of Chile


Presidents of Colombia

List of Governors of the Department of Quindío


Presidents of Ecuador Heads of State of Ecuador


Governors-General of Guyana Presidents of Guyana Prime Ministers of Guyana


Presidents of Paraguay


Presidents of Peru Incan emperors, see Inca Empire Viceroys of Peru


Presidents of Suriname


Presidents of Uruguay


Presidents of Venezuela

Asia[edit] Central Asia[edit]


Göktürk kagans Presidents of Kazakhstan


Khans of Kara-Khitai, see Kara-Khitan Khanate Presidents of Kyrgyzstan


Presidents of Tajikistan


Presidents of Turkmenistan


Presidents of Uzbekistan

Eastern Asia[edit]

China & dependencies

Chinese sovereigns Table of Chinese monarchs People's Republic of China

General Secretary of the Communist Party of China
General Secretary of the Communist Party of China
(paramount leader) President
of the People's Republic of China Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China Hong Kong

Governor of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
(under British rule, now replaced by Chief Executive) Chief Executive of Hong Kong


Governor of Macau
(under Portuguese rule, now replaced by Chief Executive) Chief Executive of Macau

Republic of China
Republic of China

of the Republic of China Premier of the Republic of China Governors and Chairpersons of Taiwan, see Taiwan Province


List of imperial ambans in Tibet

The Table of Chinese monarchs China List of kings of Tibet


Rulers of Japan
(Emperors, Regents, Shoguns and Prime Ministers) Emperors of Japan Prime Ministers of Japan Ashikaga shogunate Kamakura shogunate Tokugawa shogunate List of Emperors of Japan


Grand Khan of Mongolia Presidents of Mongolia Prime Minister of Mongolia


Rulers of Korea North Korea

First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea
(supreme leader) Heads of state of North Korea Premiers of North Korea

South Korea

Presidents of South Korea Prime Ministers of South Korea

Rulers of Korea

Southeastern Asia[edit]


Sultans of Brunei


King of Cambodia Khmer emperors, see Khmer Empire Presidents of Cambodia Prime Ministers of Cambodia

East Timor

Presidents of East Timor Prime Ministers of East Timor


Majapahit Sailendra Srivijaya Kings of Mataram, see Kingdom of Mataram Presidents of Indonesia Prime Ministers of Indonesia


Kings of Laos General Secretary of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party
General Secretary of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party
(de facto leader) Presidents of Laos Prime Ministers of Laos


Yang di-Pertuan Agong Prime Ministers of Malaysia Sultans of Malacca, see Sultanate of Malacca


Kings of Myanmar Presidents of Myanmar Prime Ministers of Myanmar State Counsellor of Myanmar


Spanish Royal Governor of the Philippines American Governor-General of the Philippines Presidents of the Philippines Datus, Rajas, and Sultans of various historical polities within the Philippine Islands, see History of the Philippines

Sultans of the Sulu Sultanate


of Singapore Prime Minister of Singapore


Kings of Thailand Chakri dynasty Kings of Ayutthaya, see Ayutthaya kingdom Kings of Haripunchai, see Haripunchai Kings of Lanna, see Lanna Kings of Sukhothai, see Sukhothai kingdom Prime Ministers of Thailand Presidents of the National Assembly of Thailand Leaders of the Opposition of Thailand Governors of Bangkok


Vietnamese dynasties Kings of Vietnam General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam
(de facto leader) President
of Vietnam Prime Minister of Vietnam Chairman of National Assembly of Vietnam Chief Justice of Vietnam

South Asia[edit]


Afghan Transitional Administration personnel Leaders of Afghanistan Heads of Government of Afghanistan

Rulers of Kabul Rulers of Herat Rulers of Kandahar Rulers of Peshawar Rulers of Ghazni

Ghaznavid emperors, see Ghaznavid Empire Shahi


Presidents of Bangladesh Prime Ministers of Bangladesh


Kings of Bhutan Prime Ministers of Bhutan


Main article: List of office-holders in India

List of Indian monarchs List of Presidents of India List of Prime Ministers of India Governors, Lieutenant Governors and Administrators of Indian States and Union Territories Chief Ministers of Indian States


Sultans of the Maldives Presidents of the Maldives


List of monarchs of Nepal Prime Ministers of Nepal


Presidents of Pakistan Prime Ministers of Pakistan

Sri Lanka

Presidents of Sri Lanka Prime Ministers of Sri Lanka

Western Asia[edit]


Kings of Urartu List of Armenian Kings Kings of Kommagene Shaddadid
dynasty President
of Armenia Prime Minister of Armenia


Arsacid dynasty of Caucasian Albania Mihranids Presidents of Azerbaijan Prime Ministers of Azerbaijan Presidents of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic


Monarchs of Bahrain


Kings of Cyprus

Officers of the Kingdom of Cyprus

Presidents of Cyprus Presidents of Northern Cyprus Prime Ministers of Northern Cyprus


Lists of Georgian monarchs Colchis Kingdom of Abkhazia

Divan of the Abkhazian Kings

List of sovereigns of Kakheti Kingdom of Imereti


Emirs of Tbilisi List of leaders of Georgia Prime Minister of Georgia Chairman of the Government of Adjara Presidents of Abkhazia Prime Ministers of Abkhazia Presidents of South Ossetia Prime Ministers of South Ossetia


List of heads of state of Iran List of monarchs of Persia Supreme Leader of Iran List of Presidents of Iran List of Premiers of Iran List of Prime Ministers of Iran



Kings of Sumer Rulers of Lagash


Kings of Akkad

Gutian kings Kings of Assyria Kings of Babylon Rulers of Adiabene Abbasid
Caliphs Annazid
dynasty Kings of Iraq Presidents of Iraq Prime Ministers of Iraq Civilian Administrator of Iraq


Prime Minister of Israel President
of Israel Rulers of Israel
and Judah Kings of Israel Kings of Judah Kings of Judea (Hasmonean and Herodian rulers) High Priests of Israel Crusader States Kings of Jerusalem

Vassals of the Kingdom of Jerusalem

Princes of Galilee

Lords of Toron

Counts of Jaffa and Ascalon

Lords of Ramla Lords of Ibelin

Lords of Oultrejordain Lords of Sidon

Officers of the Kingdom of Jerusalem

Presidents of the Palestinian National Authority Prime Ministers of the Palestinian National Authority

(formerly Transjordan)

Kings of Jordan Rulers of Nabatea


Emirs of Kuwait Al-Sabah


Presidents of Lebanon Prime Ministers of Lebanon Kings of Tyre Counts of Tripoli

Officers of the County of Tripoli

(formerly Muscat (and Oman))

Sultans of Oman


Emirs of Qatar

Saudi Arabia

Sharif of Mecca Kings of Saudi Arabia


Presidents of Syria Prime Ministers of Syria Kings of Syria Osroene Rulers of Damascus Zengid dynasty Counts of Edessa Princes of Antioch

Officers of the Principality of Antioch

Emirs of Shaizar Ghassanid kings Rulers of Aleppo Hanilgalbat: Kings of Hanilgabat, see Hanilgalbat and Mitanni Kings of Ugarit


List of Hittite kings Kings of Arzawa Kings of Lydia Kings of Bithynia Kings of Cappadocia Attalid Kings of Pergamon Kings of Pontus

Pharnacid Dynasty

Kings of Galatia Byzantine Emperors


List of Latin Emperors Empire of Trebizond Seljuk sultans of Rüm Anatolian beyliks List of Sultans of the Ottoman Empire Pretenders of the Ottoman Empire Presidents of Turkey Prime Ministers of Turkey

United Arab Emirates

Prime Ministers of the United Arab Emirates Presidents of the United Arab Emirates


Presidents of Yemen Prime Ministers of Yemen Presidents of North Yemen Prime Ministers of North Yemen Presidents of South Yemen Prime Ministers of South Yemen

Europe[edit] Eastern Europe[edit]


List of Belarusian rulers

Czech Republic

Rulers of Bohemia (Czech lands) List of Presidents of Czechoslovakia List of Prime Ministers of Czechoslovakia List of rulers of the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia Presidents of the Czech Republic Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic


List of Hungarian rulers List of heads of state of Hungary Prime Ministers of Hungary


Presidents of Moldova Prime Ministers of Moldova Governors of Gagauzia Presidents of Transnistria Prime Ministers of Transnistria


Polish rulers Dukes of Silesia Dukes of Mazovia Dukes of Greater Poland Dukes of Łęczyca Dukes of Sieradz Duchy of Cieszyn Dukes of Pomerania List of Prime Ministers of Poland List of Polish presidents


Dacian kings Rulers of Wallachia Rulers of Moldavia Rulers of Transylvania List of heads of state of Romania Prime Ministers of Romania

Russia and the Soviet Union

List of Russian rulers: early Grand Dukes and Tsars Leaders of the Soviet Union President
of the Soviet Union Premier of the Soviet Union Presidents of Russia Prime Ministers of Russia Khans of the Golden Horde List of Kazan khans List of Khazar rulers Rulers of Kievan Rus' Grand Prince of Tver


Presidents of Slovakia Prime Ministers of Slovakia Parliament leaders of Slovakia


Rulers of Kievan Rus' List of rulers of Halych and Volhynia Hetmans of Ukrainian Cossacks List of Crimean khans Presidents of Ukraine Prime Ministers of Ukraine

Northern Europe[edit]


Danish monarchs Prime Ministers of Denmark List of legendary kings of Denmark Faroe Islands Faroese monarchs Prime Ministers of the Faroe Islands Governor of the Faroe Islands Greenland Prime Ministers of Greenland Governors of Greenland Inspectors of Greenland


Estonian rulers Heads of government of Estonia Presidents of Estonia State Elders of Estonia


Prime Ministers of Finland Presidents of Finland Finnish rulers Provincial Governors of Finland Premiers of Åland


Presidents of Iceland Prime Ministers of Iceland Icelandic rulers List of lawspeakers, see Lawspeaker

Ireland: Rulers of Ireland Latvia

Presidents of Latvia Prime Ministers of Latvia


List of Lithuanian rulers Presidents of Lithuania Prime Ministers of Lithuania


Norwegian monarchs

Line of succession to the Norwegian Throne

Legendary kings of Norway Norwegian Prime Ministers


Swedish monarchs Prime Ministers of Sweden Swedish Field Marshals County Governors of Sweden Swedish semi-legendary kings Mythological kings of Sweden Kings of Geatland

Blekinge Governors Dalarna Governors Gävleborg Governors Gotland Governors Halland Governors Jämtland Governors Jönköping Governors

Kalmar Governors Kronoberg Governors Norrbotten Governors Skåne Governors Stockholm Governors Södermanland Governors Uppsala Governors

Värmland Governors Västerbotten Governors Västernorrland Governors Västmanland Governors Västra Götaland Governors Örebro Governors Östergötland Governors

United Kingdom: List of rulers of the United Kingdom and predecessor states

Southern Europe[edit]


Monarchs of Albania Prime Ministers of Albania Presidents of Albania


Co-Princes of Andorra

Bishop of Urgell

Prime Ministers of Andorra

Bosnia and Herzegovina

List of rulers of Bosnia Members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Prime Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Thracian kings Kings of Odrysia Moesia: Roman governors of Lower Moesia Bulgarian monarchs Prime Ministers of Bulgaria Presidents of Bulgaria


List of rulers of Croatia Presidents of Croatia Prime Ministers of Croatia

Governors and Heads of State of Fiume Heads of state of Krajina Heads of government of Krajina

Greece: Rulers of Greece Italy: Rulers of Italy Kosovo

Presidents of Kosovo Prime Minister of Kosovo


Presidents of Macedonia Prime Ministers of Macedonia


Presidents of Malta, 1974–present Prime Ministers of Malta, 1921–1933, 1947–1958, 1962–present Monarchs of Malta, 1091-1798, 1800–1974 Grand Masters of Malta, 1530–1798 Civil Commissioners of Malta, 1799-1813 Governors of Malta, 1813-1964 Governors-General of Malta, 1964–1974


Rulers of Montenegro List of Presidents of Montenegro Prime Minister of Montenegro


Portuguese monarchs Dukes of Braganza Princes of Beira Prime Ministers of Portugal Presidents of Portugal List of Portuguese monarchs

San Marino

Captains Regent of San Marino, 1900–present Captains Regent of San Marino, 1700–1900 Captains Regent of San Marino, 1500–1700 Captains Regent of San Marino, 1243–1500


Presidents of Serbia Prime Ministers of Serbia President
of the Government of Vojvodina List of heads of state of Yugoslavia Prime Minister of Yugoslavia President
of Serbia
and Montenegro Prime Minister of Serbia
and Montenegro Monarchs of Serbia List of rulers of Illyria Princes of Zeta


Presidents of Slovenia Prime Minister of Slovenia


Rulers of Spain Presidents of Spain Prime Ministers of Spain

Vatican City

Popes Cardinal Secretary of State

Western Europe[edit]


Rulers of Austria Emperors of Austria Foreign Ministers of Austria-Hungary Ministers- President
of Austria Federal Presidents of Austria Chancellors of Austria (Vice Chancellors of Austria) Habsburg Babenberg Margraves, dukes, and archdukes of Austria Dukes of Styria, see Styria (duchy) Dukes of Carinthia, see Carinthia (duchy)


Belgian monarchs Prime Ministers of Belgium Governors of the Habsburg Netherlands Minister- President
of the Brussels-Capital Region List of Ministers- President
of the Flemish Community List of Ministers- President
of the Walloon Region List of Ministers- President
of the French Community List of Ministers- President
of the German-speaking Community

France: Rulers of France Germany: Rulers of Germany Liechtenstein

Princes of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Heads of Government


Prime Ministers of Luxembourg Grand Duke of Luxembourg List of Counts and Dukes of Luxembourg


Princes of Monaco

Succession to the Monegasque Throne

Ministers of State Prime Ministers of Monaco


Dutch monarchy Prime Ministers of the Netherlands List of rulers of the Netherlands Governors of the Habsburg Netherlands Low Countries
Low Countries
(Netherlands, Belgium): Rulers of East Frisia Rulers of Frisia Prince of Orange Duke of Brabant Lords and margraves of Bergen op Zoom Dukes and counts of Guelders Duke of Lower Lorraine Count of Bouillon Count of Flanders Count of Hainaut Count of Holland Counts of Leuven Bishop of Utrecht Marquis of Namur


Members of the Swiss Federal Council

Presidents of the Confederation Heads of the Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sports, see Military of Switzerland Heads of the Department of Foreign Affairs: see International relations of Switzerland Heads of the Department of Home Affairs Heads of the Federal Department of Finance Heads of the Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications Heads of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs Heads of the Federal Department of Justice and Police

Federal Chancellors of Switzerland Presidents of the Swiss National Council Presidents of the Swiss Council of States Members of the Swiss National Council Members of the Swiss Council of States Chief Justices of the Swiss Supreme Court Presidents of the Swiss Diet (before 1848)

Oceania[edit] Australasia[edit]


Monarchs of Australia Governors-General of Australia Cabinet of Australia

Prime Ministers of Australia Deputy Prime Ministers of Australia Attorneys General for Australia Ministers for Defence Ministers for Foreign Affairs Treasurers of Australia

Premiers of New South Wales Premiers of Queensland Premiers of South Australia Premiers of Tasmania Premiers of Victoria Premier of Western Australia Heads of government of Norfolk Island Chief Minister of the Northern Territory Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory

Governors of New South Wales Governors of Queensland Governors of South Australia Governors of Tasmania Governors of Victoria Governor of Western Australia Administrative Heads of Norfolk Island Administrator of the Northern Territory Administrative Heads of Jervis Bay Administrative Heads of Australian Antarctic Territory Administrative Heads of Macquarie Island

Cocos Islands

King of the Cocos Islands

New Zealand

Governors-General of New Zealand New Zealand Cabinet

Prime Ministers of New Zealand Deputy Prime Ministers of New Zealand Ministers of Finance Ministers of Foreign Affairs

Speakers of the House of Representatives Māori Kings and Queens

Mayors of Auckland Mayors of Christchurch Mayors of Dunedin Mayors of Wellington



Chairmen of Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs Chief Justice of Fiji Colonial Governors of Fiji Fijian Heads of State Foreign Ministers of Fiji Governors-General of Fiji House of Representatives of Fiji
(abolished in 2013) Ministers for Fijian Affairs Presidents of Fiji Prime Ministers of Fiji Senate of Fiji
(abolished in 2013) Speakers of the Fijian House of Representatives Vice-Presidents of Fiji

Papua New Guinea

Governor-General of Papua New Guinea Prime Ministers of Papua New Guinea

Solomon Islands

Governor-General of Solomon Islands Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands


of Vanuatu Prime Minister of Vanuatu



of Kiribati

Marshall Islands

Presidents of the Marshall Islands

Federated States of Micronesia

of the Federated States of Micronesia


of Nauru


of Palau


Cook Islands

Prime Ministers of the Cook Islands


Premiers of Niue


Samoan Heads of State


Members of the Council of Deputies of Samoa Prime Ministers of Samoa Chief Justice of Samoa Finance Ministers of Samoa Foreign Affairs Ministers of Samoa Health Ministers of Samoa Education Ministers of Samoa Public Works Ministers of Samoa Fono Aoao Faitulafono o Samoa
- current membership (2006)


Kings of Tonga Prime Ministers of Tonga


Governor-Generals of Tuvalu Prime Ministers of Tuvalu

Religious leaders[edit] Main article: List of 21st-century religious leaders Christian[edit]

List of current Christian leaders

List of Patriarchs, Archbishops and Bishops

Catholic Church[edit]

List of popes

Grand Masters of the Knights Hospitaller

Priors of St John of Jerusalem in England

Anglican Communion[edit]

List of Archbishops of Canterbury Anglican Primates

Other denominations[edit]

General of The Salvation Army Moderator of the United Church of Canada President
of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Patriarchs of Constantinople


Chief Rabbis of the United Kingdom Chief Rabbis of Israel


Caliphate Shi'a Imam


Dalai Lama Panchen Lama Karmapa Shamarpa Sakya Trizin Supreme Patriarch of Thailand Supreme Patriarch of Cambodia

Other lists[edit]

List of the oldest living state leaders

Ministers by portfolio[edit]

Defence minister List of ministers of the environment Finance minister Foreign minister

List of foreign ministers in 2017 Category:Lists of foreign ministers by year

Interior minister

Municipal leaders[edit] Main article: Lists of mayors by country External links[edit]

Current Heads of State Archontology, by Oleg Schultz Rulers, by B. Schemmel - detailed lists (including regional and religious leaders) from 1700. World Statesmen, by Ben Cahoon World Political Leaders, by Roberto Ortiz de Zárate

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