List of websites blocked in the United Kingdom


This is list of Web blocking in the United Kingdom, websites blocked in the United Kingdom.

Blocked by mobile operators and ISP network filters


Resolved and erroneous blocks

Court ordered implementations targeting copyright and trademark infringement

Sites are blocked using various methods across the "Big 5" UK Internet service provider, ISPs, in accordance with Section 97A of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, making it difficult to ascertain the extent to which a site is 'blocked' or not. In December 2014, the affected ISPs decided to publish more information about the blocking orders they received. If a user visits a blocked site within the United Kingdom, the user will be forwarded t
which includes the list of blocked domains and court orders. ISPs with over 400,000 subscribers subject to blocking orders: * BT Group * EE (telecommunications company), EE * Sky Broadband * TalkTalk Group, Talk Talk * Virgin Media

Indirect blocking

In furtherance of the above-mentioned goal of restricting access to The Pirate Bay and similar sites, the BPI believes that "ISPs are required to block the illegal sites themselves, and proxies and proxy aggregators whose sole or predominant purpose is to give access to the illegal sites." As such, sites linking to sites which acted as proxies to The Pirate Bay were themselves added to the list of banned sites, including, and This led to the indirect blocking (or hiding) of sites at the following domains, among others:

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