The Info List - List Of Vegetarians

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This is a list of notable people who have adhered to a vegetarian diet at some point during their life. In the cases where a person's vegetarian status is disputed or they no longer adhere to a vegetarian diet, this is noted next to their entry as disputed or former. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries.

Mohandas Gandhi

Jane Goodall, British primatologist

Voltaire, French philosopher[1]

Christine Lagarde

Paul McCartney

Martina Navratilova, Czech American tennis player

Surya Bonaly, French professional figure skater

Lo Wing-lok, Hong Kong doctor and politician

Adolf Hitler, German politician

Forest Whitaker, Academy Award-winning American actor

Natalie Portman, Academy Award-winning American-Israeli actress

Gustav Struve, German revolutionary

of Samos, Greek philosopher and founder of Pythagoreanism

Shania Twain, Canadian singer

George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright

Kate Bush, British singer-songwriter

Leo Tolstoy, Russian novelist

Sharon den Adel, Dutch singer

Herschel Walker, American football
American football

Nicolette Kluijver, Dutch television presenter

Georgina Verbaan, Dutch actress

Abraham Isaac Kook, the first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of the British Mandate for Palestine, born in Latvia

Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Norwegian singer and member of Swedish pop group ABBA

Frederik van Eeden, Dutch writer and psychiatrist

Julie Christie, British actress

Francisco van Jole, Dutch journalist

Isadora Duncan, American dancer often credited as the creator of modern dance

Jaime de Magalhães Lima, Portuguese writer and Tolstoyan

Leona Lewis, British singer and winner of the third series of The X Factor

Amílcar de Sousa, Portuguese physician, president of the first Portuguese vegetarian society

Mojo Mathers, New Zealand politician

Antoni Gaudí, Spanish Catalan architect

Shanna Moakler, American model crowned Miss USA
Miss USA
1995 and Playboy Playmate in 2001

John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople, an important Early Church Father

Esther Ouwehand, Dutch politician

Dick Gregory, American comedian

John Harvey Kellogg, American doctor, best known as the inventor of corn flakes

Gabe Saporta, Uruguayan musician, lead singer of the synthpop band Cobra Starship

Yasmien Kurdi, Filipino singer, songwriter and actress

Faye Wong, Chinese singer


1 Vegetarians 2 Former vegetarians 3 Disputed vegetarians 4 See also 5 Notes 6 References


Name Occupation Country Source

Scott Adams Author United States [2]

Sharon den Adel Musician Netherlands [3]

Chris Adler Musician, drummer of Lamb of God United States [4]

Agathocles Political grindcore musical band Belgium [5]

Sir C.V.Raman Physicist India [6]

Shmuel Yosef Agnon Writer Israel [7](pp171–172)

Dianna Agron Actress United States [8][9]

eden ahbez Musician United States [10](p171)[11][12]

Damon Albarn Musician United Kingdom [13]

William Andrus Alcott Physician United States [10](pp34–44)[14]

Michael Amott Musician Sweden [15]

And Then There Were None Rock band United States [16]

Lauren Anderson Model United States [17]

Anthony the Great Christian saint Egypt [18](pp22–23)[nb 1]

Álex Anwandter Musician, director Chile [20]

Apollonius of Tyana Philosopher Greece [21](pp30–35)

Christina Applegate Actress United States [22][23]

Johnny Appleseed Nurseryman United States [10](pp6–7)[24][25](pp184–186,307–310)

Joan Armatrading Musician United Kingdom [26]

Richard Ashcroft Musician United Kingdom [27]

Ashoka the Great Emperor India [21](pp75–77)[28] (pp14–15)[29](pp22–23)[30](pp19–20)[31](pp55–57)

Nadja Auermann Model and actress Germany [32][33]

Emilie Autumn Singer-songwriter, poet, violinist, actress United States [34]

Thaila Ayala Actress Brazil [35]

Amitabh Bachchan Actor India [36]

Bae Jong-ok Actress South Korea [37]

Nic Balthazar Film
director Belgium [38]

Jacob Bannon Musician, member of Converge United States [39]

Arnaldo Baptista Musician Brazil [40]

Bob Barker Game show host United States [41]

Brandon Barnes Musician, drummer of Rise Against United States [42]

Basil of Caesarea Bishop Turkey [18](pp159–160)[43](p78)

Rabia Basri Mystic Iraq [44][45]

Jeff Beck Musician United Kingdom [46]

Nick Beggs Musician United Kingdom [47]

Conrad Beissel Religious leader Germany [10](p3)

Raja Bell Sportsman United States [48]

Brie Bella Professional wrestler, actress, WWE Ambassador United States [49]

Lexi Belle Actress United States [50]

Hilary Benn Politician United Kingdom [51]

J. D. Beresford Novelist United Kingdom [52]

Elizabeth Berkley Actress United States [53]

Annie Besant Writer United Kingdom [28](pp99–107)

Traci Bingham Actress United States [54]

John Bishop Comedian United Kingdom [55][56][57]

Barry Black Clergyman United States [58][59]

Pippa Black Actress Australia [60]

Zach Blair Musician, guitarist of Rise Against United States [61]

Kees Boeke Missionary Netherlands [62](p240)

Beau Bokan Musician
and singer, frontman of Blessthefall United States [63]

Michael Bolton Musician United States [64]

M. Visvesvaraya Indian engineer, scholar, statesman and the Diwan of Mysore India [65]

Surya Bonaly skater France [66]

Cory Booker Politician United States [67][68]

Bramwell Booth Chief of the Staff and General of The Salvation Army United Kingdom [69]

Magnus Børmark Musician Norway [70]

Wouter Bos Politician Netherlands [nb 2]

Jacques Boyer Professional bicycle racer United States [72]

Josh Bradford Guitarist for Silverstein Canada [73]

Stuart Braithwaite Guitarist of post-rock band Mogwai United Kingdom [74]

Constantin Brâncuși Sculptor, painter and photographer, pioneer of modernism Romania [75](p228)

Justin Lee Brannan Artist, community activist, organizer United States [76]

Claudia de Breij Comedian Netherlands [nb 3]

Eva Briegel Singer Germany [78]

Christie Brinkley Model, actress United States [79]

Peter Brock Motor racing
Motor racing
driver Australia [80]

Fenner Brockway Politician United Kingdom [81][82]

Luitzen E.J. Brouwer Mathematician Netherlands [62](p236)

Chris Browne Cartoonist United States [83]

Gautama Buddha Spiritual teacher India [44][28](pp11–88)[29](pp21–23)[30](pp17–21)[31](pp50–57)[nb 4]

Kathalijne Buitenweg Politician Netherlands [84]

Tahita Bulmer Singer-songwriter
for electronic band New Young Pony Club United Kingdom [85]

Peter Burwash Tennis player Canada [86]

Kate Bush Musician United Kingdom [87]

Lauren Bush Model, designer United States [88][89][90][91]

John Campbell Bassist for Lamb of God United States [4]

Nacho Cano Arranger, composer, musician, record producer Spain [92]

Julia Carling Journalist United Kingdom [93]

Belinda Carlisle Singer United States [94]

Magnus Carlsen Chess
player Norway [95]

Edward Carpenter Poet United Kingdom [30](pp79–80)[96](pp256–266,276)

Ben Carson Neurosurgeon United States [97]

Paul Carton Physician France [98]

Dan Castellaneta Voice actor United States [99]

Catherine of Siena Theologian Italy [18](pp167–168)[43](p89)

Stephanie Cayo Actress, singer, model Peru [100]

Ceschi Musician United States [101]

Stephen Chan Chi Wan Businessman Hong Kong [102]

Agustina Cherri Actress, dancer, model Argentina [103][104]

Jacky Cheung Singer Hong Kong [105]

Sri Chinmoy Poet India [106]

Michael Guy Chislett Musician Australia [107]

Julie Christie Actress United Kingdom [108][109]

John Chrysostom Early Church Father Turkey [43](p79)[96](p124)

Alexa Chung Television
presenter United Kingdom [110]

Daniël de Clercq Socialist Netherlands [111]

Sue Coe Artist United Kingdom [112]

J. M. Coetzee Writer South Africa [113](pp63–65)[114]

David Cohen Rabbi Israel [7](p172)[115]

She'ar Yashuv Cohen Rabbi Israel [7](pp172–173)[115]

John Coltrane Musician United States [116]

Pat Condell Writer United Kingdom [nb 5]

Confucius Philosopher China [118][119][120]

Jeremy Corbyn Politician United Kingdom [121]

Liam Cormier Musician United States [122]

Abbie Cornish Actress Australia [123]

Hugo Brandt Corstius Author Netherlands [124]

Elvis Costello Musician United Kingdom [125]

Roger Crab Haberdasher United Kingdom [126](pp26–38)

Stafford Cripps Politician United Kingdom [127][128]

Ernest Howard Crosby Writer United States [10](pp143–147)

Attila Csihar Extreme metal musician Hungary [129]

Alfonso Cuarón Film
director Mexico [130]

Rivers Cuomo Musician United States [131]

Peter Cushing Actor United Kingdom [132]

Chuck D Rapper United States [133][134]

Thomas D. Rapper Germany [135]

Leonardo da Vinci Polymath Republic of Florence [136]

Eugen d'Albert Musician Germany [nb 6]

Jeru the Damaja Rapper United States [138]

Lana Del Rey Singer United States [139]

Georg Friedrich Daumer Poet Germany [140](pp282–286)

Eugenio Derbez Television
actor, director Mexico [141]

Morarji Desai Politician India [142]

Floortje Dessing Presenter Netherlands [143]

Julieta Díaz Actress Argentina [144]

Dave Dictor Musician United States [145]

Peter Dinklage Actor United States [146]

Mike Dirnt Musician United States [147]

Eliza Doolittle Musician United Kingdom [148][149][150]

David D'Or Musician Israel [151]

Pia Douwes Actress Netherlands [77]

Muriel Dowding, Baroness Dowding Animal rights
Animal rights
activist United Kingdom [152](pp137–151)

Anna Drijver Model Netherlands [153]

Isadora Duncan Dancer United States [154]

Michael Clarke Duncan Actor United States [155]

Frederik van Eeden Writer Netherlands [156]

Greg Egan Writer Australia [157]

Michael Eisner Businessman United States [158]

Mattias Eklundh Musician Sweden [159]

Emmanuel Singer Mexico [160]

of Acragas Ancient Greek philosopher Greece [21](pp30–32)[43](pp41–42)[96](pp64–66)

Guy Endore Writer United States [161]

Selma Ergeç Actress Turkey [162]

Kevin Eubanks Musician United States [163]

Joshua Evans Quaker
minister United States [164](p40)[10](p7)

Henri W.PH.E. van den Bergh van Eysinga Writer Netherlands [62](p228)

Brian Fair Vocalist for metal band Shadows Fall United States [165]

Corey Feldman Actor United States [166]

Marty Feldman Comedian United Kingdom [167]

Adam Ferguson Philosopher United Kingdom [140](p208)[168](pp204–206)

Vanessa Ferlito Actress United States [169]

Marsilio Ficino Philosopher Italy [170]

Doug Fieger Musician United States [171]

Thomas Gabriel Fischer Metal musician who led the groups Hellhammer, Celtic Frost
Celtic Frost
and Triptykon Switzerland [172]

Jon Fitch Mixed martial artist United States [173]

Flux of Pink Indians Anarcho-punk/post-punk band United Kingdom [174]

Harley Flanagan Founding member and former bassist of the crossover thrash band Cro-Mags. United States [175]

Jerome Flynn Actor United Kingdom [176]

Jonathan Safran Foer Writer United States [177]

Alina Foley Actress United States [178]

Desmond Ford Evangelical Christian Australia [179][180]

Thomas Ignatius Maria Forster Astronomer United Kingdom [126](pp374–375)

J. D. Fortune Musician Canada [181]

Jorja Fox Actress United States [182][183]

Sage Francis Rapper United States [184]

Francis of Paola Mendicant
friar Italy [18](p146)

Edgar Froese German artist and electronic music pioneer, best known for founding the electronic music group Tangerine Dream Germany [185]

Sadie Frost Actress United Kingdom [186]

Mohandas Gandhi Spiritual leader and politician India [187](p.xii)[188]

Gao Yuanyuan Actress China [189]

Germán Garmendia YouTuber Chile [190]

Antoni Gaudí Architect Spain [191]

John Gay Poet
and dramatist United Kingdom [140](pp115–119)

Teri Gender Bender Musician United States [192]

Philip Glass Composer United States [193]

Bobcat Goldthwait Comedian United States [194]

Lewis Gompertz Animal rights
Animal rights
advocate United Kingdom [195]

Jorge González Musician, former leader of the band Los Prisioneros Chile [196]

Jane Goodall Primatologist United Kingdom [197]

João Gordo Singer-songwriter Brazil [198]

Shlomo Goren Rabbi Israel [7](pp104,173–174)[115]

Dave Gorman Author, comedian United Kingdom [199]

Lawrence Gowan Musician Canada [200]

Mckenna Grace Actress United States [201]

Sylvester Graham Dietary reformer United States [10](pp15–70)[28](pp141–148)

Percy Grainger Musician Australia [202](pp78–79)

Dion Graus Politician Netherlands [203]

Derrick Green Extreme metal vocalist for Sepultura United States [204]

Barney Greenway Extreme metal vocalist for Napalm Death United Kingdom [172]

Gail Greenwood Musician United States [205]

Dick Gregory Comedian United States [28](pp215–218)

Amanda Griffin Model Philippines [206]

Angela Groothuizen Singer Netherlands [207]

Benjamin Grosvenor Musician United Kingdom [208]

Vida Guerra Glamour model Cuba [209]

Nacha Guevara Singer-songwriter, dancer and actress Argentina [210]

Ramachandra Guha Historian India [211]

Chin Chin Gutierrez Actress Philippines [212]

GZA Rapper United States [213]

Ha Okio Musician Vietnam [214]

Alexander Hacke Musician Germany [215]

Nina Hagen Singer and actress Germany [216]

J. B. S. Haldane Scientist United Kingdom [217]

Sarah Jane Hamilton Pornographic actress United Kingdom [218]

Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha'nish Spiritual leader United States [219]

Tres Hanley Actress
Singer United States UK [220]

Hao Lei Actress China [221]

Neil Harbisson Cyborg United Kingdom [222]

George Harrison Musician United Kingdom [223]

Lenie 't Hart Animal rights
Animal rights
activist Netherlands [224]

Maarten 't Hart Biologist Netherlands [nb 7]

David Hartley Philosopher United Kingdom [226](pp207–209)[nb 8]

Annie Haslam Musician United Kingdom [228]

Juliana Hatfield Musician United States [229]

Lizzy Hawker Long-distance runner United Kingdom [230]

Heaven Shall Burn Extreme metal band Germany [231]

Sadeq Hedayat Writer Iran [232]

Martin van Hees Philosopher Netherlands [233][234]

Maximiliano Hernández Martínez Politician El Salvador [235]

Rudolf Hess Politician Germany [236]

Missy Higgins Singer-songwriter Australia [237][238]

Hilarion Anchorite Egypt [18](pp24–25)

Susumu Hirasawa Musician Japan [239]

Adolf Hitler Politician Germany [240][241][242][243][nb 9]

Isa Hoes Actress Netherlands [143]

Lancelot Hogben Zoologist United Kingdom [247]

Amanda Holden Actress
and television presenter United Kingdom [248]

Jens Holm Politician Sweden [249]

Tuomas Holopainen Keyboardist, songwriter Finland [250]

Henriette Roland Holst Poet Netherlands [62](p230)

Hostage Calm Punk rock band United States [251]

John Howard Prison reformer United Kingdom [252]

Steve Howe Musician, guitarist for progressive rock band Yes United Kingdom [253]

Mike Hranica Singer for metalcore band The Devil Wears Prada United States [254]

Dave Hughes Television
presenter Australia [255]

Henny Huisman Television
presenter Netherlands [256]

Aldous Huxley Writer United Kingdom [257]

Iamblichus Philosopher Syria [258]

Frank Iero Musician United States [259]

Michael Imperioli Actor United States [260]

Ewout Irrgang Politician Netherlands [261]

Michael Jackson Singer United States [262]

Susan Saint
James Actress United States [152](pp47–58)

Reid Jamieson Singer-songwriter Canada [263]

Jim Jarmusch Film
director United States [264]

JeA Singer South Korea [265][266][267]

Mick Jenkins Rapper United States [268]

Joan Jett Singer-songwriter United States [269]

Éder Jofre Boxer Brazil [270]

Matt Johnson Vocalist and keyboardist of the indie pop duo Matt and Kim United States [271]

Christofer Johnsson Musician, founder member of Therion Sweden [272]

James Johnston Politician United Kingdom [273]

Howard Jones Musician United Kingdom [274]

Watkin Tudor Jones Musician South Africa [275]

Jónsi Musician, founder of post-rock band Sigur Rós Iceland [276]

Juanes Singer-songwriter Colombia [277]

Kabīr Poet India [21](pp47–49)

Alter Kacyzne Photo-journalist Lithuania [7](p171)

Franz Kafka Novelist Austria-Hungary [278]

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Scientist, teacher, poet, former President
of India India [279]

Roberta Kalechofsky Jewish writer, feminist, animal rights activist United States [280]

Antonie Kamerling Actor Netherlands [281]

Shahid Kapoor Actor India [282]

Eliane Karp Anthropologist, former First Lady of Peru France [283]

Bill Kaulitz Singer Germany [284]

Sati Kazanova Singer Russia [285]

Matt Kean Musician United Kingdom [286][287]

John Harvey Kellogg Physician United States [28](pp149–158)

Kenney, MatthewMatthew Kenney Chef United States [288]

Kesha Singer-songwriter United States [289]

Ayya Khema Bhikkhuni Germany and United States [290]

Masta Killa Rapper United States [291]

Kim Hyo-jin Actress South Korea [37]

Anna Bonus Kingsford Magazine editor United Kingdom [140](pp374–383)[292]

Bep van Klaveren Boxer Netherlands [62](p103)[293]

Marcela Kloosterboer Actress Argentina [294]

Nicolette Kluijver Television
presenter and model Netherlands [143]

Paul Koehler Drummer of metalcore band Silverstein Canada [73][295]

Niko Koffeman Politician Netherlands [nb 10]

Martine Wittop Koning Writer Netherlands [62](p231)[297]

Abraham Isaac Kook Rabbi Latvia [7](p175)[21](pp118–121)[115]

Kim van Kooten Actress
and screenwriter Netherlands [281]

k-os Rapper Canada [298][299]

Killer Kowalski Professional wrestler Canada [28](pp231–236)

Jiddu Krishnamurti Writer
and public speaker India [300]

Liv Kristine Singer-songwriter Norway [301]

KRS-One Rapper United States [302]

Alexander Krull Singer Germany [301]

Attje Kuiken Politician Netherlands [303]

Sushil Kumar Wrestler India [304]

František Kupka Artist Czechoslovakia [nb 11][nb 12]

Yasmien Kurdi Singer Philippines [206]

Haldor Lægreid Singer Norway [307]

Bonnie-Jill Laflin Model and television personality United States [308]

Christine Lagarde Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund France [309]

Alphonse de Lamartine Writer, poet and politician France [nb 13][nb 14]

Benjamin Lay Abolitionist United States [311]

Cloris Leachman Actress United States [312]

Charles Webster Leadbeater Author United Kingdom [313]

Lee Ha-nui Beauty pageant
Beauty pageant
titleholder South Korea [37][314][315]

Rita Lee Singer-songwriter Brazil [316]

Patricia de León Actress, TV host, model, beauty pageant titleholder Panama [317]

Nikolai Leskov Writer Russia [318]

Chris Leslie Electric folk musician, member of Fairport Convention United Kingdom [319]

Leona Lewis Singer United Kingdom [320][321]

Tony Levin Musician United States [322]

Jimmy Liao Picture book illustrator Taiwan [102]

Bart de Ligt Anarcho-pacifist
and antimilitarist Netherlands [62](p239)

Jan Ligthart Teacher Netherlands [62](p220)

Jack Lindsay Writer Australia [202](p77)

Richard Linklater Film
director United States [323][324][325]

Tzipi Livni Politician Israel [326]

Eneko Llanos Athlete Spain [327]

Lo Wing-lok Physician and politician Hong Kong [102]

Michael Locher Musician Switzerland [328]

Claire Loewenfeld Nutritionist and herbalist Germany [329]

Lisa Lopes Rapper United States [330]

César López Musician Mexico [331]

Lu You Poet China [332]

Arjen Lucassen Singer-songwriter Netherlands [333]

Joanna Lumley Actress United Kingdom [334]

Anni-Frid Lyngstad Singer Norway [70]

Lady Constance Lytton Suffragette United Kingdom [335]

M-1 Rapper, member of Dead Prez United States [336]

Grant MacEwan Professor
and politician Canada [337]

Francisco Madero Politician, writer and revolutionary Mexico [338][339]

R. Madhavan Actor, writer, producer, television presenter India [340]

Jamby Madrigal Politician Philippines [206]

Jaime de Magalhães Lima Thinker, poet, essayist, literary critic, promoter of vegetarianism Portugal [nb 15]

Tobey Maguire Actor, producer United States [342][343][344]

Mahavira Sage who established tenets of Jainism India [28](pp19–28)

Gustav Mahler Composer
and one of the leading conductors of his generation Austria-Hungary [nb 16][nb 17]

Andrius Mamontovas Musician, songwriter, record producer, actor Lithuania [347][348]

João Manzarra Television
host Portugal [349]

Bob Marley Singer-songwriter, guitarist Jamaica [350]

Jodie Marsh Media personality, glamour model United Kingdom [351]

Billy Martin Guitarist and keyboardist for pop punk band Good Charlotte United States [352]

Luis Miguel Martín Long-distance runner Spain [353]

Ricky Martin Singer-songwriter, actor Puerto Rico [354]

Sebastián Martínez Actor Colombia [355]

Doug Martsch Musician, member of Built to Spill United States [356]

Scott Maslen Actor, model United Kingdom [357]

Paul Masvidal Musician, member of progressive metal band Cynic United States [358]

Mojo Mathers Politician, member of the New Zealand House of Representatives New Zealand [359]

Brian May Musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, astrophysicist, author, contributor United Kingdom [360]

Alicia Mayer Actress, comedian Philippines [361]

Paul Mazurkiewicz Drummer for death metal band Cannibal Corpse United States [362]

Winston McCall Musician Australia [363]

Colman McCarthy Journalist, teacher, lecturer, peace activist United States [10](pp206–207)

Paul McCartney Musician, composer, producer, businessman, member of The Beatles United Kingdom [68][364][365][366][367]

Stella McCartney Fashion designer United Kingdom [368]

Rue McClanahan Actress, comedian, author United States [369]

Patrick McDonnell Illustrator, creator of Mutts United States [370]

Jay McGuiness Singer, member of the boy band The Wanted United Kingdom [148][149][150]

Tim McIlrath Musician, vocalist and guitarist of Rise Against United States [371]

Nellie McKay Singer-songwriter, actress, former stand-up comedian United States [372]

Edward McMillan-Scott Member of the European Parliament United Kingdom [373]

Hemant Mehta Author, blogger, atheist activist United States [374]

Armin Meiwes Convict
who claims to be reformed and concerned about injustices Germany [375]

Luisa Mell Actress
and former presenter of the RedeTV!
programme Late Show Brazil [376]

Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz Rabbi, leader of American Orthodoxy United States [377][378]

Natalie Merchant Musician, songwriter United States [379]

Method Man Hip hop artist, record producer, actor, member of the Wu-Tang Clan United States [380]

Chucho Merchán Musician Colombia [381]

Angela de Merici Religious leader and saint Italy [18](pp125–126)

Johan Messchaert Singer and vocal pedagogue Netherlands [62](p219)

Lea Michele Actress, singer United States [382]

Gabrielle Miller Actress Canada [383]

Crispian Mills Musician, songwriter, film director United Kingdom [384]

Hayley Mills Actress, singer United Kingdom [385]

Milo Rapper United States [386]

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola Renaissance
philosopher Italy [387]

Shanna Moakler Actress, model, reality television celebrity United States [388]

Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India India [389]

Elizabeth Maria Molteno Suffragist and civil rights activist South Africa [390]

Daniel Mongrain Musician
for metal bands Martyr and Voivod Canada [391]

Sophie Monk Singer, songwriter, actress, model Australia [392]

Théodore Monod Naturalist, explorer, and humanist scholar France [393]

Andrea Montenegro Actress, model Peru [394]

Leonardo Montero TV host Argentina [395]

Alan Moore Comic book writer United Kingdom [396]

Jenna Morasca Actress, swimsuit model, winner of Survivor: The Amazon United States [397]

Edwin Moses Former track and field athlete United States [398]

Malcolm Muggeridge Journalist, author, satirist United Kingdom [28](pp243–250)

Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Saintly Tamil-speaking teacher and Sufi mystic from the island of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka [21](p175)

Lillian Müller Model, actress in motion pictures and television Norway [70]

Desidério Murcho Philosopher, professor, and writer Portugal [nb 18]

Stuart Murdoch Musician, member of indie pop band Belle & Sebastian United Kingdom [400]

Keith Murray Musician, member of indie rock band We Are Scientists United States [401]

Murs Rapper United States [402]

Reuben D. Mussey Medical doctor
Medical doctor
and an early opponent of tobacco United States [10](pp44–46)

My Summer As A Salvation Soldier Singer-songwriter Iceland [403]

Adam Myerson Cyclist United States [404][405]

Xavier Naidoo Singer-songwriter, record producer Germany [406]

Andrew Napolitano Senior Judicial Analyst for Fox News Channel, former host of Freedom Watch United States [407]

Martina Navratilova Retired tennis player and a former World No. 1 Czech Republic [nb 19]

Kevin Nealon Actor
and comedian United States [409]

Helen Nearing Author
and the second wife of Scott Nearing United States [410]

Philip Neri Priest
noted for founding the "Congregation of the Oratory" Italy [18](p152)[226](p153)

Mike Ness Musician
for punk rock band Social Distortion United States [411]

Jukka Nevalainen Musician, member of Nightwish Finland [412]

Phil Neville Footballer, played for Manchester United
Manchester United
and Everton United Kingdom [413]

Matt Nicholls Musician, member of Bring Me the Horizon United Kingdom [286][287]

George Nicholson Nationally known printer United Kingdom [414]

Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis The Netherlands' first prominent socialist Netherlands [62](p214)

Roberto de Nobili Jesuit missionary to Southern India Italy [415]

William F. Nolan Novelist, short story writer United States [416]

Krist Novoselic Musician, songwriter, author, activist, Nirvana member United States [417]

Paavo Nurmi World record-setting runner Finland [418]

Natasja Oerlemans Politician, prominent member of the Party for the Animals Netherlands [419]

José Oiticica Poet, activist Brazil [420]

Margreth Olin Film director
Film director
and producer Norway [70]

Maria O'Neill Writer, poet, journalist, spiritualist Portugal [421]

Onision YouTuber and Internet personality United States [422]

Natalia Oreiro Singer, actrees, fashion designer Uruguay [423]

Kelly Osbourne Singer-songwriter, author, actress, television personality, radio personality, fashion designer United Kingdom [344]

Maja Ostaszewska Actress Poland [424][425][426]

Carré Otis Actress, model United States [427]

Esther Ouwehand Politician, marketing manager Netherlands [nb 20]

Cem Özdemir Politician Germany [429]

Walburga, Lady Paget Diarist, writer and an intimate friend of Queen Victoria Germany [430]

Monty Panesar Cricketer United Kingdom [431]

Natalia París Model Colombia [432]

Alexandra Paul Actress United States [433]

Gastón Pauls Actor, TV host, producer Argentina [104]

Nicolás Pauls Actor, musician Argentina [434]

Justin Pearson Musician
for a number of noise rock and hardcore bands, as The Locust United States [435][436]

Kal Penn Film
and television actor, producer, and civil servant United States [437]

Isaac Leib Peretz Yiddish language
Yiddish language
author and playwright Poland [7](p171)

Tony Perry Musician, member of Pierce the Veil United States [438]

Fiona Phillips Television
broadcaster United Kingdom [248]

Sir Richard Phillips Schoolteacher, author and publisher United Kingdom [140](pp235–244)

Kellie Pickler Singer-songwriter United States [135]

Plotinus Ancient Greek Neoplatonist philosopher Greece [nb 21][440]

Plutarch Biographer, essayist, priest, ambassador, magistrate Greece [441]

Henri Polak Trade unionist and politician Netherlands [62](p229)

Alexander Pope Poet United Kingdom [442]

John Porcelly Musician United States [443]

Porphyry Ancient Greek Neoplatonist philosopher Greece [43](pp58–61)[29](pp37–38)

Martín de Porres Lay brother
Lay brother
of the Dominican Order Peru [18](p206)

John Cowper Powys Novelist United Kingdom [444]

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Gaudiya Vaishnava
Gaudiya Vaishnava
teacher, founder-acharya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness India [21](pp56–60)[28](pp173–180)

Joe Principe Musician, bassist of Rise Against United States [445]

Jade Puget Musician, member of the alternative rock band AFI United States [446]

Purified in Blood Metalcore
band Norway [447]

Jimmy Pursey Musician, record producer United Kingdom [448]

of Samos Ionian Greek philosopher, religious teacher, political leader, and founder of Pythagoreanism Greece [44][449]

Maggie Q Actress, model United States [450]

Martha Quinn One of the original video jockeys on MTV United States [451]

Srinivasa Ramanujan Mathematician
and autodidact India [452]

Murray Rankin Politician Canada [453]

Guillaume Thomas François Raynal Writer
and man of letters during the Age of Enlightenment France [nb 22]

Jean Jacques Élisée Reclus Geographer, anarchist revolutionary, and writer France [30](pp88,105,173–176)

Redman Rapper, record producer, actor United States [455]

Dimitri Reinderman Chess
Grandmaster with an Elo rating of 2542 Netherlands [256]

Ilya Yefimovich Repin Leading Russian painter and sculptor of the Peredvizhniki
artistic school Russia [318][456](pp110–114)

Reshma Renowned folk singer of Pakistan Pakistan [457]

Rou Reynolds Lead vocalist of Enter Shikari United Kingdom [458]

Richard of Chichester Saint
who was Bishop
of Chichester United Kingdom [18](p191)[43](p81)

Joseph Ritson Antiquary United Kingdom [140](pp185–190)

Maura Rivera Dancer, television performer Chile [459]

Reuven Rivlin President
of Israel Israel [460]

Alice Roberts Anatomist, paleopathologist, TV presenter United Kingdom [461]

Andy Robinson English rugby union coach and retired player United Kingdom [462]

José Luis Rodríguez Singer Venezuela [463][464]

Fred Rogers Educator, minister, songwriter, television host United States [465]

Huberto Rohden Philosopher, educator, theologist, author, pioneer of transcendentalism Brazil [466]

Romain Rolland Dramatist, essayist, art historian, novelist France [467]

Uli Jon Roth Musician Germany [468]

Xavier Rudd Musician, singer-songwriter Australia [469][470][471]

Hastings Russell, 12th Duke of Bedford Nobility, activist United Kingdom [472]

RZA Rapper, CEO, record producer, actor, screenwriter, author, director United States [473][474]

Jonathan Sacks Rabbi, philosopher, and scholar of Judaism United Kingdom [475]

Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre Writer, botanist France [126](pp208–214)[140](pp173–176)

Henry Stephens Salt Writer, teacher, social reformer United Kingdom [476]

Diederik Samsom Politician Netherlands [477]

Ric Sanders Violinist, member of Fairport Convention United Kingdom [319]

Rodrigo Santoro Actor Brazil [478]

Gabe Saporta Lead singer and primary creative force behind the synthpop band Cobra Starship Uruguay [259]

Susan Sarandon Actress United States [479]

Judith Sargentini GreenLeft
politician Netherlands [480]

Martin Sastre Artist, filmmaker Uruguay [481]

Swami Satchidananda Religious teacher, spiritual master and yoga adept India [482]

Kool Savas German rapper Germany [406]

Nikolas Schiller Blogger, prominent digital map artist in the blogosphere, civil rights activist United States [483]

Wim T. Schippers Voice actor, producer, comedian Netherlands [84]

Loretta Schrijver Television
host Netherlands [nb 23]

Jason Schwartzman Actor, musician United States [485]

Albert Schweitzer Music, philanthropy, theology Germany [486]

Jenny Seagrove Actress, political activist United Kingdom [487]

Kevin Seconds Singer for hardcore punk band 7 Seconds United States [488]

Virender Sehwag One of the leading batsmen in the Indian cricket team India [489]

Sandra Seifert Nurse, beauty pageant contestant, fashion model Taiwan [206]

Serenity Erotic dancer and pornographic actress United States [490]

Christian Serratos Actress United States [491]

Quintus Sextius Philosopher, whose philosophy combined Pythagoreanism
with Stoicism Italy [nb 24]

Shamaya Vocalist of nu metal band Otep United States [493]

George Bernard Shaw Playwright, critic, political activist Ireland [44][494]

Martin Shaw Actor United Kingdom [495]

Francis Sheehy-Skeffington Pacifist, Suffragist Ireland [496]

Percy Bysshe Shelley Poet, dramatist, essayist, novelist United Kingdom [140](pp218–235)

Herbert Shelton Alternative medicine
Alternative medicine
advocate, author, pacifist United States [10](pp160–161)

Sheetal Sheth Actress, producer United States [497]

Barbie Shu Actress
and singer Taiwan [102]

Agostinho da Silva Philosopher, essayist and writer Portugal [498]

Sarah Silverman Comedian, writer, actress, singer and musician United States [499]

Aaron Simpson Mixed martial artist United States [173]

Isaac Bashevis Singer Novelist, short story writer United States [28](pp237–242)[500][501][502]

Peter Singer Moral philosopher Australia [503]

Fauja Singh Centenarian
marathon runner India [504][505]

Matt Skiba Musician
for Alkaline Trio
Alkaline Trio
and Blink-182 United States [506]

Jon Skolmen Actor
and comedian Norway [307]

Song Il-gook Actor South Korea [37]

Matt Sorum Musician United States [507]

Patricia Sosa Singer Argentina [508]

Sotion Neopythagorean
philosopher Greece [509]

Amílcar de Sousa Medical doctor, author, president of the first Portuguese vegetarian society Portugal [510]

Henry Spira Widely regarded as one of the most effective animal rights activists of the 20th century United States [511]

Bill Steer Guitarist for extreme metal band Carcass United Kingdom [512]

Aad Stelylen Former Dutch athlete, specialised in long distances Netherlands [62](p102)

Arran Stephens Writer, founder of Nature's Path
Nature's Path
Foods Canada [513]

Gruschenka Stevens Actress
and singer Germany [514]

Jon Stewart TV show host, comedian United States [515]

Joss Stone Singer-songwriter, actress United Kingdom [516][517][518]

Jan P. Strijbos Naturalist, cineast, photographer, journalist, writer Netherlands [62](p242)

Gustav Struve Politician Germany [140](pp271–281)

Ruben Studdard Singer, actor United States [519]

María Eugenia Suárez Actress, singer, model Argentina [520]

Mark Suppelsa Television
anchor United States [521]

Oliver Sykes Musician, member of Bring Me the Horizon United Kingdom [286][522]

Rabindranath Tagore Poet, playwright, essayist India [523][524]

Amber Tamblyn Actress United States [525]

Serj Tankian Musician, songwriter, record producer, poet, activist, System of a Down member United States [526]

Tarkan Singer-songwriter, record producer, performer Turkey [527]

Tertullian Prolific early Berber Christian author from Carthage
in the Roman province of Africa Roman Empire (Carthage) [29](p53)[96](pp116–117)

Marianne Thieme Politician, animal rights activist, author Netherlands [nb 25]

Maarten Tjallingii Professional racing cyclist for UCI ProTeam LottoNL–Jumbo Netherlands [529]

Leo Tolstoy Novelist, short story writer, playwright, essayist Russia [44][28](pp88–97)[530]

Peter Tosh Musician, member of The Wailers Jamaica [531]

Devin Townsend Musician, former member of Strapping Young Lad United States [532]

Paolo Troubetzkoy Artist, sculptor Russia [nb 26]

Titia van der Tuuk Author, feminist, pacifist, teacher Netherlands [62](p226)

Shania Twain Singer-songwriter, television personality Canada [534][535]

Richard Ungewitter Writer, pioneer of the German nudist movement Germany [126](pp436–437)

Uphill Battle Metalcore
band United States [536]

Mellie Uyldert Writer, alternative healer, occultist and astrologer Netherlands [62](p246)

Steve Vai Guitarist, composer, singer, songwriter, producer United States [537]

Pedro Valdjiu Musician, member of Blasted Mechanism Portugal [538]

Fernando Vallejo Novelist, filmmaker, essayist Colombia [539]

Eddie Vedder Musician, songwriter, member of alternative rock band Pearl Jam United States [540]

Marly van der Velden Actress Netherlands [nb 27]

Krista van Velzen Politician Netherlands [84]

Milo Ventimiglia Actor, director United States [542][543]

Georgina Verbaan Actress, singer Netherlands [281]

Dirk Verbeuren Drummer for melodic death metal band Soilwork Belgium [544]

Umberto Veronesi Surgeon and oncologist Italy [545]

Virgil Poet Italy [44]

Yolandi Visser Musician South Africa [275]

Swami Vivekananda Chief disciple of the 19th-century saint Ramakrishna India [21](pp50–52)

Voltaire Writer, philosopher, playwright France [1]

Marijke Vos Politician Netherlands [84]

Vydūnas Teacher, poet, humanist, philosopher and Lithuanian Lithuania [546]

Herschel Walker Former college and professional football player and a mixed martial artist United States [547]

Jeffrey Walker Vocalist and bassist for extreme metal band Carcass United Kingdom [548]

David Wallechinsky Author
of many Olympic reference books and other reference books United States [28](pp219–224)

Bernard Weatherill Politician, Speaker of the House of Commons United Kingdom [549]

Dennis Weaver Actor United States [550]

John Wesley Founder of Methodism United Kingdom [551]

Charlotte Wessels Singer-songwriter, lead vocalist of Delain Netherlands [552]

Jason Whalley Singer for punk rock band Frenzal Rhomb Australia [553]

Forest Whitaker Actor, producer, director United States [554][555]

Ellen G. White Author
and co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church United States [556]

Zara Whites Former adult film actress Netherlands [nb 28]

Norbert Wiener Mathematician, famous child prodigy, originator of cybernetics United States [558]

Wendy O. Williams Singer, actress, member of the punk rock band Plasmatics United States [559]

Liam Wilson Musician United States [560]

Steven Wilson Rock musician, frontman of Porcupine Tree United Kingdom [561][562]

Wismichu YouTuber Spain [563][564]

Faye Wong Recording artist, actress China [565][566]

S. Fowler Wright Novelist United Kingdom [nb 29]

Esmé Wynne-Tyson Actress
and writer United Kingdom [28](pp167–171)

Shmuly Yanklowitz Modern Orthodox Rabbi, activist, educator, writer, motivational speaker, social entrepreneur, founder of Uri L'Tzedek United States [568][569]

"Weird Al" Yankovic Comedy musician United States [570][571]

Owain Yeoman Actor United Kingdom [572]

Yoon Jin-seo Actress South Korea [37]

Thom Yorke Musician, singer and principal songwriter of the alternative rock band Radiohead United Kingdom [573]

Marguerite Yourcenar Author, essayist, poet France [574][575]

Zarathustra Founder of Zoroastrianism Persia [44]

Marko Zaror Martial artist, actor, stuntman Chile [576]

Zendaya Actress, singer-songwriter United States [577]

Ethan Zohn Soccer player United States [397]

Former vegetarians[edit]

Name Occupation Country Source

Morten Abel Musician Norway [307]

Louisa May Alcott Novelist United States [nb 30]

Quinn Allman Musician United States [578]

Gillian Anderson Actress United States [579]

Jon Anderson Musician United Kingdom [580]

Christian Bale Actor United Kingdom [581]

Blixa Bargeld Musician Germany [582]

Andy Bell Musician
for bands such as Ride and Oasis United Kingdom [583]

Amber Benson Actress United States [584]

Orlando Bloom Actor United Kingdom [585]

Justin Broadrick Musician United Kingdom [586]

Chris Cerulli Founder of the metal band Motionless in White United States [587]

14th Dalai Lama Monk Tibet [344]

Leonardo DiCaprio Actor United States [nb 31]

David Duchovny Actor United States [nb 32]

Joe Duplantier Musician France [593]

Fat Mike Musician United States [594]

Prince Fielder Baseball player United States [595]

Benjamin Franklin Politician United States [44]

Peter Gabriel Musician United Kingdom [596]

Gepe Singer-songwriter Chile [597]

Daniel Gildenlöw Musician
and songwriter Sweden [598]

Sam Harris Author
and neuroscientist United States [599]

Josh Hartnett Actor United States [344][600]

Darren Hayes Singer-songwriter Australia [601]

Kareena Kapoor Actress India [602]

Daniel Kessler Musician, guitarist for Interpol United States [603]

Emily Kinney Actress, singer-songwriter United States [604]

Ash Lieb Artist, comedian and writer Australia [605]

Madonna Songstress United States [344]

Chris Martin Musician United Kingdom [606]

Sir Ian McKellen Actor United Kingdom [607][608]

John McLaughlin Musician United Kingdom [609]

Meat Loaf Musician United States [610]

Alyssa Milano Actress United States [611][612]

Dannii Minogue Actress, singer Australia [613]

Roger Miret Hardcore punk vocalist United States [614]

Cillian Murphy Actor Ireland [615][616]

Nate Newton Musician United States [617]

Hayden Panettiere Actress United States [618]

Kate Pierson Musician, member of new wave band The B-52's United States [619]

Geoff Rowley Professional skateboarder United Kingdom [620]

Gad Saad Evolutionary Behavioural Scientist Canada [621]

Julia Sawalha Actress United Kingdom [344]

Dax Shepard Actor United States [68]

Chris Squire Musician United Kingdom [622]

Michael Stipe Musician United States [623]

Arve Tellefsen Violinist Norway [307]

Frank Turner Singer-songwriter United Kingdom [624]

Paul Weller Musician United Kingdom [625]

Pete Wentz Musician, bassist and lyricist of Fall Out Boy United States [626]

Toyah Willcox Singer, actress United Kingdom [627]

Karl Willets Death metal vocalist for Bolt Thrower United Kingdom [628]

Disputed vegetarians[edit] This list includes only those for whom there is a legitimate dispute of the fact and omits those merely rumored of being a vegetarian, regardless of how widely such rumor is spread.

Name Occupation Country Source

John Abraham Actor India [629]

Charlotte Brontë Novelist United Kingdom [nb 33]

Clement of Alexandria Theologian Greece [630]

Albert Einstein Theoretical physicist Germany [44][nb 34]

Ralph Waldo Emerson Writer, philosopher United States [44][nb 35]

Henry Ford Founder of Ford Motor Company United States [633][nb 36]

Gaahl Black metal and folk musician Norway [634][635]

Aphrodite Gleiß German techno artist/DJ Germany [636][637]

Steve Jobs Co-founder of Apple Inc. United States [638][nb 37]

John the Baptist Itinerant preacher
Itinerant preacher
and a major religious figure Roman Empire [640]

Abraham Lincoln 16th President
of the United States United States [641]

José Mujica President
of Uruguay Uruguay [642][643][644]

Sir Isaac Newton Scientist United Kingdom [44]

Plato Classical Greek philosopher, mathematician, student of Socrates, writer, founder of the Academy in Athens Greece [44][nb 38][645]

William Shakespeare Playwright United Kingdom [44][nb 39]

Socrates Philosopher Greece [nb 40]

Henry David Thoreau Author United States [44][nb 41]

Mark Twain Author, humorist United States [nb 42]

Richard Wagner Composer Germany [44][140](pp371–374)[648](pp89–95)[nb 43]

Mark Zuckerberg Founder of Facebook United States [649][650][651]

See also[edit]

List of vegans


^ "He ate once a day, after sunset, sometimes once in two days, and often even in four. His food was bread and salt, his drink, water only. Of flesh and wine it is superfluous even to speak, since no such thing was found with the other earnest men."[19]:Paragraph 7 ^ (Original Dutch) V: "Wie is die man die 's zondags het vlees snijdt?" A: "De tofoe snijdt, want ik ben vegetariër." (Translation into English) Q: "Who is that man preparing the meat on Sunday?" A: "Preparing the tofu, because I am a vegetarian."[71] ^ (Original Dutch) "Wat hebben Paul McCartney, Claudia de Breij, Erik Mouthaan en Pia Douwes
Pia Douwes
met elkaar gemeen? [..] Ze zijn vegetariërs..." (Translation into English) "What do Paul McCartney, Claudia de Breij, Erik Mouthaan and Pia Douwes
Pia Douwes
have in common? [..] They're vegetarians..."[77] ^ Gregerson[30](p21) observes: "As Zen roshi, Philip Kapleau points out (see his Cherish All Life), any attempt by Theravadins and others to attribute to the Buddha himself, words permitting the consumption of meat involve a blatant falsification and corruption of sacred texts!" ^ "I became a vegetarian in 1976 while watching a deer being butchered."[117] ^ "It may be of interest to note, in view of his exuberant vigor and great powers of endurance, that d'Albert is a strict vegetarian"[137](p196) ^ (Original Dutch) "Presentator Babs Assink vraagt vegetariër en dierenvriend 't Hart of het een angstaanjagend beeld is dat wij het varken tot op het bot verslinden." (Translation into English) " Presenter Babs Assink asks vegetarian and animal friend 't Hart whether or not it is a frightening image that we devour our pigs to the bone."[225] ^ "If the FRS knew Hartley as a friend, he would know him to be a mathematician with a special interest in statistics, an amateur violinist, and a vegetarian who saw animals as bearing a "near relation" to humans."[227] ^ Traudl Junge, who became Hitler's secretary in December 1942, wrote in her memoirs that he ate only side dishes, always avoiding meat.[244] Likewise, Margot Wölk, who was forced to work as one of Hitler's food tasters at the Wolf's Lair
Wolf's Lair
(1941–1944), stated that all the food she tested for Hitler was vegetarian, and she recalled no meat or fish.[245] Léon Degrelle, an acquaintance of Hitler, also recalled "He could not bear to eat meat, because it meant the death of a living creature. He refused to have so much as a rabbit or a trout sacrificed to provide his food. He would allow only eggs on his table, because egg-laying meant that the hen had been spared rather than killed."[246] See also: the Vegetarianism
of Adolf Hitler. ^ (Original Dutch) "Zijn gedrevenheid moet, zeggen velen, voortkomen uit religieus besef: de vegetariër Koffeman is net als zijn vrouw belijdend Zevende-dagsadventist, een klein protestants kerkgenootschap."' (Translation into English) "His determination has to, some say, come from religieus belief: the vegetarian Koffeman is just like his wife a practising Seventh-day Adventist, a small protestant denomination."[296] ^ [1892] "Under Diefenbachs theosophical influence Kupka becomes a strict vegetarian and adopts a regime of daily physical exercises".[305](p21) ^ [1894] "Meets Nazarene artist Karl Diefenbach, who advocates man's return to naure. Moves to Diefenbach's home and participates in communal life-style there, which features vegetarian cuisine, outdoor baths, nude exercising, discussions about spiritual issues, music, and painting."[306](p408) ^ "True it is that Lamartine ate flesh and fish at one period of his life; but we have the authority of Douglas Jerrold's London Journal for assuring our readers that he is again a vegetarian."[168](p222) ^ "Lamartine said that, despite his conventions, in adulthood he conformed to society by eating meat. But contemporaries recall that later in life Lamartine reconverted to vegetarianism after travelling through India, and lived in Paris like a Hindu vegetarian..."[310](p214) ^ Jaime de Magalhães Lima
Jaime de Magalhães Lima
(1859–1936) was a Portuguese writer born in Aveiro. He studied Law in the University of Coimbra. He was an admirer of Tolstoy and visited him in Russia. In 1912 he wrote the essay O Vegetarismo e a Moralidade das raças.[341] ^ "The following season proved a very gloomy one for Mahler. Once more the "city of music" could furnish him no greater material consolation than that of a few piano-pupils. Evenings he would attach himself to a group of young, poverty-stricken Wagnerian enthusiasts and over a cup of coffee help wage the abstract battles of the music-dramatist's political and ethical doctrines. Of these sage utterances one the young musicians adopted unanimously was the proposal to regenerate mankind through strict, vegetarian diet. Perhaps the cost of meat-dishes had as much to do with this resolution as the realization that carnivorous humanity was going to the dogs. [...] Although two years had passed since those unforgettable meatless meetings of the young Wagnerians in Vienna, Mahler was in Olmuetz still a vegetarian, claiming bitterly that he went to the restaurant to starve."[345]:Chapter III ^ "Keussler is also already here. A splendid fellow. After the Saturday evening rehearsal I'll be joining him for a vegetarian meal. (10 September 1908)";(p254) "I'll presumably have to assume the role of 'the flesh pots in the land of Egypt'. Ouch! What a metaphor for a husband with vegetarian inclinations! (June 1909)."(p272)[346] ^ 'O consumo de animais é supérfluo, não há razão para continuar a comê-los quando é tão fácil ser vegetariano', comentou Desidério Murcho, filósofo e vegetariano convicto ['The consumption of animals is unnecessary, there is no reason to continue to eat them when it is so easy to be vegetarian,' said Desiderio Murch, philosopher and vegetarian].[399] ^ "I advocate eating nutritious food (I'm a vegetarian), working out, being in top form mentally and physically...".[408](pp172–173) ^ (Original Dutch) "De koeien waren moe en zwak, maar werden toch de vrachtwagens ingeschopt en geslagen. Toen heb ik besloten daar niet mee aan mee te werken en vegetariër te worden." (Translation into English) "The cows were tired and weak and were brutally thrown into the trucks. At that point I decided to become a vegetarian and stop supporting this."[428] ^ " Plotinus
came from somewhere in Egypt and lived a frugal life. He was celibate and vegetarian and took little in the way of food, drink and sleep."[439] ^ "Outro autor muito afamado de nossos dias, Raynal, era igualmente sóbrio. A senhora Marquesa de Alorna, que muitas vezes o teve a jantar, me contou, que nunca o vira comer mais que algumas poucas ervas e fruta, nem beber senão água."[454](pp281–282) ^ (Original Dutch) "Of vlees-vrije stijlvolle godinnen als Marly van der Velden, Alyssa Milano, Isa Hoes, Jorinde Moll, Loretta Schrijver [..]" (Translation into English) "Or meat free stylish goddesses like Marly van der Velden, Alyssa Milano, Isa Hoes, Jorinde Moll, Loretta Schrijver [..]"[484] ^ "Sextius thought, that there was food enough for man in the world without shedding blood; and that the taking pleasure in butchering helpless animals, only inspired men with cruelty."[492] ^ (Original Dutch) "Of ik zelf ook vegetariër ben? [..] Zelf heb ik dat vlees echter niet meer nodig. Bovendien wil ik graag advocaat voor de dieren zijn en u snapt dat ik dan liever niet mijn eigenklanten opeet." (Translation into English) "Whether or not I am a vegetarian myself? [..] I do not to eat meat anymore. In fact, I want to defend the rights of animals (as a lawyer) and I guess you understand I would rather not eat my own clients"[528] ^ "Repin's contemporary the prominent sculptor Paolo Trubetskoi was also sympathetic to theosophical ideas and was a vegetarian and confirmed antivivisectionist".[533] ^ (Original Dutch) V: "Waarom ben je vegetariër?" A: "'Ik vind het onzin om vlees te eten terwijl er tegenwoordig genoeg vleesvervangers zijn. Vlees eten is ontzettend zielig voor de diertjes. Ik ben dus zeker al twee jaar vegetariër." (Translation into English) Q: "Why are you a vegetarian?" A: "I think there is no sense in eating meat since there are loads of alternatives available. Eating meat, it's so sad for those poor animals. So I have been a vegetarian for at least two years."[541] ^ "[..] or Zara Whites, a former Dutch porn actress. The militant vegetarian made a half-naked appearance at the last 'Salon International de l'Agriculture'"[..][557] ^ He (Wright) did not smoke or eat meat, rarely drank alcohol, and exercised with a rare determination".[567] ^ Although Louisa May Alcott
Louisa May Alcott
is in many famous vegetarians lists, she probably wasn't a vegetarian. It appears that although she was raised a vegetarian by her father Amos Bronson Alcott, she didn't maintain that diet. Vegetarian historian Rynn Berry
Rynn Berry
wrote: "Whereas Amos Bronson Alcott remained a vegetarian for the rest of his life – refusing to consume milk, eggs, fish, meat, and cheese, or wear leather or woollen clothing – his wife and their four daughters were backsliders."[28](p133) ^ DiCaprio was vegetarian when first meeting Paltrow, though later in life eat meats at a dinner with Tobey Macquire, a vegan.;[588][589] ^ David Duchovny
David Duchovny
identified as a vegetarian in the late 1990s;[590][591] however in recent years he has been regarded as a pescetarian.[592] ^ "The passage from Gaskell has persuaded many vegetarians that Charlotte Brontë
Charlotte Brontë
was one of their number. In fact, even as children, the Brontë siblings ate flesh, both according to their father and to the friends. Moreover, the diaries of the Brontë children refer to their meals and their menus, all of which contain a flesh component."[226](p241) ^ Einstein was known to be sympathetic to the vegetarian cause: "Although I have been prevented by outward circumstances from observing a strictly vegetarian diet, I have long been an adherent to the cause in principle."[631] It is also possible that Einstein adopted a vegetarian diet in the final year of his life: a single letter to Hans Muehsam, dated 30 March 1954 states that he was vegetarian; while in a letter to Max Kariel seven months earlier, he said that he was not.[632] ^ Although Emerson appears in many un-sourced "Famous Vegetarian" Lists in the internet, he was not a vegetarian: "Once, while Amos Bronson Alcott (a vegetarian) sat at Ralph Waldo Emerson's dinner table, his host discussed the savagery of cannibalism. Emerson was carving a roast as he told his tale. Alcott joked with his nonvegetarian friend: "But Mr. Emerson, if we are to eat meat at all why should we not eat the best?"[10](p58) ^ "Ford, not a vegetarian, was obsessed with soybeans […]"[10](p157) ^ Some sources state that Jobs was pescetarian rather than vegetarian.[639] ^ "Ancient sources sometimes identify Plato
as a vegetarian, but none of these were his contemporaries, and it is not clear whether their authors knew for a fact that he ate no meat, or were making an assumption based on the vegetarian passages in the Republic and the Laws and the obvious Pythagorean influence in Plato's philosophy."[29](p33) ^ "Another list named Shakespeare, the economic and social theorist Adam Smith (an advocate but not a practitioner), and that avid hunter Prince Charles as "famous vegetarians." There is no evidence to support the vegetarianism of any one of them – and a great deal to indicate otherwise.".[226](p21)"Even Shakespeare who was no vegetarian was burlesquing the Pythagorean theory of reincarnation […]"[28](p4) ^ Norm Phelps argues that Socrates
was not a vegetarian.[29](pp32–33) ^ And numerous lists of vegetarians include both Henry David Thoreau and Charles Darwin, neither of whom gave up flesh or claimed to do so."[646] ^ Mark Twain
Mark Twain
is on many famous vegetarian lists, however these lists fail to provide evidence to substantiate the claim. Shelley Fisher Fishkin, the editor of The Mark Twain's Book of Animals writes that "Twain was not a vegetarian himself".[647] ^ Lilli Lehmann, My Path Through Life (1914): "We stayed to a meal with the Wagners, during which he talked much about vegetarianism that he wanted to adopt entirely, but his physician was opposed to it. After what I know of it to-day from my own experience, I am certain that Wagner, without going to the extremes of vegetarianism, would have found it a means of lengthening his life."


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