This is a list of the tallest one hundred structures in Canada, measured from the base to the tallest point. Which may be the roof top, antenna, spire, mast or as in the case with smokestacks and bridges, the highest structural point.

This list includes buildings, towers, transmission towers, chimneys, bridges and oil platforms.

There is a separate list for guyed masts since their heights are not fully verifiable and may be inaccurate by several metres; i.e. - several are measured to the height of the tallest transmitter on the mast, but this is not necessarily the tallest point of the tower.

Tallest structures in Canada (not including guyed masts)

The pinnacle height and roof height numbers are sourced from Skyscraperpage and/or the CTBUH. Where there is a conflict in the figures both heights are listed.

Tallest 100 structures in Canada (not including guyed masts)

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