This is a list of football stadiums in Albania, ranked in descending order of capacity.

Current stadiums

Photo Stadium City Capacity Home team(s) Opened League (Tier) UEFA Rating
Loro-Borici-Stadion.jpg Loro Boriçi Stadium Shkodër 17,300 Albania, Vllaznia 1953, 2016 National Stadium, Superliga Nuvola apps mozilla.pngNuvola apps mozilla.pngNuvola apps mozilla.pngNuvola apps mozilla.png
Tomori Stadium.png Tomori Stadium Berat 14,750 Tomori 1985 Second Division
Panoramic view of Elbasan Arena.jpg Elbasan Arena Elbasan 12,800 Albania, Elbasani 1967, 2014 National Stadium, First Division Nuvola apps mozilla.pngNuvola apps mozilla.pngNuvola apps mozilla.pngNuvola apps mozilla.png
Stadiumi Skënderbeu.jpg Skënderbeu Stadium Korçë 12,373 Skënderbeu 1957 Superliga
Stadiumi Niko Dovana.jpg Niko Dovana Stadium Durrës 12,040 Teuta 1965 Superliga
Gjorgji Kyçyku Stadium.png Gjorgji Kyçyku Stadium Pogradec 10,700 Pogradeci First Division
Selman Stërmasi Stadium (8).jpg Selman Stërmasi Stadium Tiranë 9,600 KF Tirana 1956, 2015 Superliga [a]
Fusha e Stadiumit "A.Roza Haxhiu" Lushnje.jpg Roza Haxhiu Stadium Lushnjë 9,500 Lushnja 1961 First Division
Kastrioti Stadium Krujë 9,400 Kastrioti, Shënkolli First Division
Gjirokastër Stadium Gjirokastër 10,000 Luftëtari 1961 First Division
MainStandFlamurtariStadium.JPG Flamurtari Stadium Vlorë 16,500 Flamurtari 1961 Superliga
Stadiumi Besa.jpg Besa Stadium Kavajë 11,000 Besa 1974 First Division
Ersekë Stadium Ersekë 8,000 Gramozi 1960 Second Division
Loni Papuçiu Stadium Fier 8,800 Apolonia 1958 First Division
Nexhip Trungu Stadium Cerrik 6,600 Turbina First Division
Korabi Stadium Peshkopi 6,000 Korabi First Division
Andon Lapa Stadium Sarandë 7,500 Butrinti First Division
Kukes vs Elbasani.jpg Zeqir Ymeri Stadium Kukës 5,200 FK Kukësi 2012 Superliga
Adush Muça Stadium Ballsh 7,500 Bylis Superliga
Laçi Stadium Laç 5,000 KF Laçi 1980 Superliga
Brian Filipi Stadium Lezhë 10,000 Besëlidhja First Division
Shkumbini Stadium Peqin 8,000 Shkumbini First Division
Bashkim Sulejmani Stadium Kuçovë 5,000 Naftëtari Second Division
Stadiumi Kamez Panorama.jpg Kamëz Stadium Kamëz 4,800 Kamza First Division
Tefik Jashari Stadium Shijak 4,000 Erzeni First Division
Rrogozhinë Stadium Rrogozhinë 4,500 Egnatia Second Division
Durim Qypi Stadium Përmet 4,000 Përmeti Second Division
Alush Noga Stadium Patos 4,000 Albpetrol Second Division
Selenicë Stadium Selenicë 4,000 Selenicë Amateur
Mislim Koçi Stadium Gramsh 3,100 Gramsh Second Division
Sopoti Stadium Librazhd 3,000 Sopoti 1964 First Division
Redi Maloku Stadium Fushë-Krujë 3,000 Iliria 1991 First Division
Internacional Complex Pezë Helmës 2,500 Internacional Second Division
Liri Ballabani Stadium Burrel 2,500 Burreli First Division
IsmailXhemaliStadium.jpg Ismail Xhemali Stadium Pukë 2,500 Tërbuni Superliga
Panajot Pano Stadium Delvinë 2,500 Delvina Second Division
Sabaudin Shehu Stadium Tepelenë 2,000 Tepelena Second Division
Petro Ruci Stadium Himarë 2,000 Himara, Oriku 2012 Second Division
Kompleksi Vellezërit Duli Koplik 2,000 Veleçiku Second Division
Olimpiku Stadium Kashar 1,500 Olimpiku, Kevitan, Vora Second Division
Skrapar Sports Field Skrapar 1,500 Skrapari Second Division
Reshit Rusi Stadium Shkodër 1,700 Vllaznia, Ada First Division
Bilisht Stadium Bilisht 1,050 Bilisht Sport Second Division
New Sukth Stadium Sukth 1,000 Sukthi Second Division
Mamurras Stadium Mamurras 1,000 Adriatiku First Division
Domozdova Stadium Prrenjas 1,000 Domozdova Second Division
Karafil Çaushi Stadium Memaliaj 1,000 Memaliaj Second Division
Fusha Sportive Adriatik Velipojë 1,000 Ada Second Division
Çakran Stadium Çakran 1,000 Çakrani Amateur
Rrëshen Stadium Rrëshen 1,000 Rrësheni Amateur
Pojani Stadium Pojan 1,000 Pojani Amateur
Këlcyra Stadium Këlcyrë 1,000 Këlcyra Amateur
Këlcyra Stadium Këlcyrë 1,000 Këlcyra Amateur
Rakip Kryeziu Sports Field Çlirim 1,000 Çlirimi Amateur
Stadiumi Luz i Vogël.jpg Luz i Vogël Stadium Luz i Vogël 600 Luzi United 2008 Second Division
SkenderHalili.jpg Skënder Halili Complex Tiranë 500 KF Tirana B Second Division
National Sports Centre Kamëz 500 FSHF 2004 Second Division
Golemi Stadium Golem 500 Golemi Third Division
Poliçani Stadium Poliçan 500 Poliçani Amateur
Maliqi Stadium Maliq 400 Maliqi Amateur

Under construction stadiums

Stadiums which are currently in development, and are likely to open in the near future, include:

Stadium Capacity City Country Home Team(s) Category Status
Arena Kombëtare 22.500 Tiranë  Albania Albanian National Team 4/4 stars Under construction
FK Partizani Stadium 4.500 Tiranë  Albania FK Partizani 3/4 stars Under construction

Demolished stadiums

Stadiums which have been demolished and no longer exist.

Stadium Capacity City Country Home Team(s) Category Status
Qemal Stafa 19.700 Tiranë  Albania Albania, Partizani; Dinamo; KF Tirana 0/4 stars Demolished in 2016

Indoor sports arenas

# Palace of Sports Capacity City Home Team Opened
1 Asllan Rusi Palace of Sports 3,000 Tirana Tirana, Dinamo, Partizani 1950s
2 Ramazan Njala Palace of Sports 3,000 Durrës Teuta 1960s
Tomorr Sinani Palace of Sports 2,500 Elbasan Elbasani 1975s
Tamara Nikolla Palace of Sports 2,000 Korçë Skënderbeu 1975s
Bashkim Lala Sports Palace 2,000 Peshkopi Korabi
6 Flamurtari Palace of Sports 1,500 Vlora Flamurtari 1970s

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  1. ^ The Selman Stërmasi Stadium is now the home ground of KF Tirana, but both Partizani and Dinamo have used it as their second home ground.