The Info List - List Of Railroad-related Periodicals

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This is a list of some periodicals related to rail transport (or rail transportation).[1]


1 Africa

1.1 Algeria 1.2 South Africa

2 Australia

2.1 National 2.2 Queensland 2.3 New South Wales 2.4 South Australia 2.5 Tasmania 2.6 Victoria 2.7 Western Australia

3 Croatia 4 France 5 Germany 6 Italy 7 Japan 8 New Zealand 9 Norway 10 Russia 11 Sri Lanka 12 Switzerland 13 United Kingdom

13.1 Defunct 13.2 Modelling

14 United States 15 International 16 Institutional 17 See also 18 References

Africa[edit] Algeria[edit]

Le Rail Maghreb

South Africa[edit]

RailwaysAfrica ISSN 1029-2756

Australia[edit] National[edit]

Australian Railway History ISSN 1449-6291 Australian Railway ISSN 0000-0000 1987-???? Catch Point ISSN 0000-0000 Light Railways ISSN 0727-8101 Locomotion ISSN 1835-4890 Model Railways in Australia ISSN 1836-0742 Motive Power ISSN 1442-7079 Narrow Gauge Downunder ISSN 1834-5565 Network ISSN 0000-0000 superseded by Track & Signal. Railway Digest ISSN 0157-2431 Railway Transportation 1954-1972 Track & Signal ISSN 1327-418X Transit Australia ISSN 0818-5204 Trolley Wire ISSN 0155-1264


Sunshine Express ISSN 0726-5093 19??-

New South Wales[edit]

Roundhouse Tin Hare Gazette ISSN 0000-0000 The Railway News ISSN 0000-0000

South Australia[edit]

The Recorder ISSN 0000-0000 Catch Point ISSN 0000-0000


Tasmanian Rail News ISSN 1321-0238


Newsrail ISSN 0310-7477 Green over Red ISSN 0000-0000 (1966-1972)

Western Australia[edit]

The Westland ISSN 0000-0000


Željeznice 21 Željezničar


La Vie du Rail[2]


Bahn-Report Der Eisenbahningenieur Eisenbahn Kurier Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau Rail Business Signal und Draht


Mondo Ferroviario Tutto Treno iTreni


Hobby of Model Railroading (1947- )[3] Japan Railfan Magazine (1961- )

New Zealand[edit]

Tramway topics ISSN 0110-599X


Lokaltrafikk ISSN 0802-1007 På Sporet


Tekhnika zheleznykh dorog (Railway Equipment)

Sri Lanka[edit]

Lanka Railway Digest - ISSN 2279-1213


Schweizer Eisenbahn-Revue

United Kingdom[edit]

BackTrack ISSN 0955-5382 1987- British Railways Illustrated ISSN 0961-8244 Continental Railway Journal ISSN 0306-6177 entrain ISSN 1475-9713 European Rail Timetable
European Rail Timetable
(formerly the Thomas Cook European Timetable), 1873– , ISSN 1748-0817 Great Western Railway Journal ISSN 0964-6809 Heritage Railway ISSN 1466-3562 1999- Modern Locomotives Illustrated Modern Railways
Modern Railways
ISSN 0026-8356 Modern Tramway
Modern Tramway
ISSN 0144-1655 Narrow Gauge World ISSN 1466-0180 Rail ISSN 0953-4563 Rail Business Intelligence Rail Express ISSN 1362-234X - also modelling Rail Professional ISSN 1476-2196 Railnews
1963- Railway Bylines ISSN 0000-0000 Railway Gazette International The Railway Magazine
The Railway Magazine
ISSN 0033-8923 Railways Illustrated ISSN 1479-2230 Steam Days ISSN 0000-0000 Steam Railway, 1979– , ISSN 0143-72320 Steam World ISSN 0959-0897 Thomas Cook Continental Timetable
Thomas Cook Continental Timetable
(now the European Rail Timetable), 1873– Today's Railways: UK ISSN 1475-9713 Traction ISSN 1354-2680 Tramway Review ISSN 0041-1019 Tramways & Urban Transit (formerly Modern Tramway), ISSN 1460-8324 1938–


Bradshaw's Guide
Bradshaw's Guide
1831-1961 Herapath's Railway and Commercial Journal (incorrectly spelled "Herepath" in some sources) The Locomotive Magazine 1896-1959 Locomotives Illustrated Railway Herald 1885-1903 The Railway System Illustrated[4] Trains and Railways


British Railway Modelling
British Railway Modelling
ISSN 0968-0764 GardenRail ISSN 0969-952X Model Rail ISSN 1369-5118 Model Railway Constructor ISSN 0026-735X (Mid-1930s – June 1987) Model Railway Journal (Jan 1985-date) Model Railway News (1925-Aug 1971), thereafter 'Model Railways (Sep 1971-Sep 1984), thereafter Your Model Railway (Oct 1984-Jun 1987), thereafter back to Model Railways (Jul 1987-Feb 1994), ceased Narrow Gauge and Industrial Railway Modelling Review ISSN 0958-0808 (1989 to present) Practical Model Railways (1983-1989), ceased Railway Modeller
Railway Modeller
ISSN 0033-8931

United States[edit]

CTC Board, ISSN 0164-8373 Live Steam and Outdoor Railroading Model Railroader ISSN 0026-7341 Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette The New Electric Railway Journal; ISSN 1048-3845 Pacific RailNews
Pacific RailNews
ISSN 8750-8486 Passenger Train Journal Rail News Railfan & Railroad ISSN 0163-7266 Railroad Gazette Railroad Man's Magazine
Railroad Man's Magazine
ISSN 0033-8761 Railroad Model Craftsman[5] ISSN 0033-877X Railroads Illustrated
Railroads Illustrated
ISSN 1071-8311 Railway Age, ISSN 0079-9505 Railway Track & Structures, ISSN 0033-9016 Tall Timber Short Lines Trains, ISSN 0041-0934


European Rail Timetable
European Rail Timetable
(formerly the Thomas Cook European Timetable, or Continental Timetable before 1988), 1873– , ISSN 1748-0817 International Railway Journal (IRJ), ISSN 0744-5326 Janes World Railways, ISSN 0075-3084 Metro Report International Railway Gazette International, ISSN 0373-5346 Railway Gazette International Chinese Edition Today's Railways: Europe, ISSN 1354-2753 Tramways & Urban Transit (formerly Modern Tramway), ISSN 1460-8324 1938–


Institution of Civil Engineers Institution of Mechanical Engineers Institution of Railway Signal Engineers Permanent Way Institution - Journal and report of proceedings

See also[edit]

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