Columbus, Ohio Columbus is the List of U.S. state capitals, state capital and the List of cities in Ohio, most populous city in the U.S. state of Ohio. With a population estimated at 898,553 in 2019, it is the List of United States cities by population, 14th-mo ...
has an extensive public art collection.

Outdoor sculptures

* ''
ART Art is a diverse range of (products of) human activities involving creative imagination to express technical proficiency, beauty, emotional power, or conceptual ideas. There is no generally agreed definition of what constitutes art, and i ...
'' (1999), Columbus College of Art and Design * ''Arvin J. Alexander Memorial'' (1991), Alexander AEP Park * ''Breaker (Black), Breaker'' (1982), Ohio State University * ''Celebration for a Champion'' (1984), Ohio State University * ''Celebration of Life (Tibor), Celebration of Life'' (2004), Genoa Park * ''Charles Benton Flagg Memorial'' (c. 1901) * Columbus Firefighters Memorial (1958) * Columbus Police Memorial (2000) * ''Correlation: Two White Line Diagonals and Two Arcs with a Sixteen-Foot Radius'' (1978) * Dr. Samuel Mitchel Smith and Sons Memorial Fountain (1880), Wexner Medical Center * ''The Family of Man: Figure 2, Ancestor II'' (1970), Columbus Museum of Art * ''The Father of Columbus Baseball'' (2009), Huntington Park (Columbus, Ohio), Huntington Park * ''Flowing Kiss'' (2013) * ''Freedom (Tibor), Freedom'' (1985), Battelle Riverfront Park * ''Gavel (sculpture), Gavel'' (2008), Ohio Judicial Center * ''Greenwood Park Sofa'' (2004), Cultural Arts Center * James W. Barney Pickaweekee Story Grove (1992), Battelle Riverfront Park * ''Hare on Ball and Claw'' (1990), Columbus Museum of Art * ''Intermediate Model for the Arch'' (1975), Columbus Museum of Art * ''Intersect (Canneto), Intersect'' (1992) * ''Lincoln Goodale Monument'' (1888) * ''Naiads (Greaves), Naiads'' (1984) * ''Nationwide Fountain'' * ''NavStar '92'' (1991) * ''The Newsboy'' (2018) * ''Out of There'' (1974), Columbus Museum of Art * ''Oval with Points'', Dorrian Commons Park * ''Peter Pan (Columbus, Ohio), Peter Pan'' (1927), Main Library (Columbus, Ohio), Main Library * ''Philo Power Plant#Philo 6, Philo Unit 6'' and ''Twin Branch Power Plant, Twin Branch Unit 4'' (1983), AEP Building * ''Scioto Lounge'' (2014), Genoa Park * ''Spanish–American War Memorial (Columbus, Ohio), Spanish–American War Memorial'' (1937), Battelle Riverfront Park * Statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger (2012), Greater Columbus Convention Center * Statue of Benjamin Franklin (Columbus, Ohio), Statue of Benjamin Franklin (1974), Franklin County Hall of Justice * Statue of Christopher Columbus (Columbus City Hall), Statue of Christopher Columbus (1955), Columbus City Hall (Ohio), Columbus City Hall ''(no longer public)'' * Statue of Christopher Columbus (Columbus State Community College), Statue of Christopher Columbus (1959), Columbus State Community College ''(no longer public)'' * Statue of Friedrich Schiller (Columbus, Ohio), Statue of Friedrich Schiller (1891), Schiller Park * Statue of Jim Rhodes (1982), Rhodes State Office Tower * Statue of Lucas Sullivant (2000), Genoa Park * Statue of William Oxley Thompson (1930), Ohio State University * ''Their Spirits Circle the Earth'' (1987), Battelle Riverfront Park * ''Three-Piece Reclining Figure: Draped 1975'' (1975), Columbus Museum of Art * ''To Honor the Immigrants'' (1992), Battelle Riverfront Park * ''Two Lines Up Excentric Variation VI'' (1977), Columbus Museum of Art * ''Umbrella Girl'' (1996), Schiller Park * McFerson Commons#Union Station arch, Union Station Arch (1897), McFerson Commons * Untitled (Falsetti), ''Untitled'' (Falsetti) (1960), Columbus City Schools Administration Office * ''Wasahaban'' (1978), Columbus Museum of Art

Ohio Statehouse

* ''The Doughboy (Ivone), The Doughboy'' (1930) * Ohio Holocaust and Liberators Memorial (2014) * Ohio Veterans Plaza (1996) * ''Peace (Saville), Peace'' (1922) * ''The Spirit of '98'' (1928) * Statue of Christopher Columbus (Ohio Statehouse), Statue of Christopher Columbus (1892) * ''These Are My Jewels'' (1893) * ''William McKinley Monument'' (1906)


The murals ''Union Station (mural), Union Station'' (1987) and ''Trains (mural), Trains'' (1989) were previously visible in The Short North but are now hidden from view.


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