This page lists all power stations in Albania.


Station Site Coordinates Capacity (MW) Status Image
Fierza Hydroelectric Power Station Fierza 42°15′05″N 20°02′33″E / 42.251393°N 20.042560°E / 42.251393; 20.042560 (Fierza Hydroelectric Power Station) 500 Operational 2013-10-03 Fierza Hydroelectric Power Station, Albania 0632.jpg
Koman Hydroelectric Power Station Koman 42°06′12″N 19°49′21″E / 42.103253°N 19.822383°E / 42.103253; 19.822383 (Komani Hydroelectric Power Station) 600 Operational StauseeBeiFierze2014-2.JPG
Vau i Dejës Hydroelectric Power Station Vau i Dejës 42°00′49″N 19°38′09″E / 42.013679°N 19.635851°E / 42.013679; 19.635851 (Vau i Dejës Hydroelectric Power Station) 260 Operational Dam of Vau Dejës.jpg
Banjë Hydro Power Plant Klos 40°57′50″N 20°03′57″E / 40.963988°N 20.065841°E / 40.963988; 20.065841 (Banjë Hydro Power Plant) 70 Operational
Moglicë Hydro Power Plant Moglicë 40°42′05″N 20°25′44″E / 40.701353°N 20.428980°E / 40.701353; 20.428980 (Moglicë Hydro Power Plant) 172 Under construction
Skavica Hydro Power Plant Skavica ? 250 Proposed
Shkopet Hydroelectric Power Station Milot 41°41′28″N 19°49′48″E / 41.691004°N 19.830000°E / 41.691004; 19.830000 (Shkopet Hydroelectric Power Station) 24 Operational
Ulëz Hydroelectric Power Station Ulëz 41°40′49″N 19°53′35″E / 41.68015°N 19.893166°E / 41.68015; 19.893166 (Ulëz Hydroelectric Power Station) ?? Operational Ulza Dam.jpg
HEC Klos Mirditë 1520KW Operational
HEC Belesove Berat 430KW Operational
HEC Peshk Burrel 3430KW Operational
HEC Dardha Puke 5800KW Operational
HEC Sllabinj Korce 13800KW under construction
HEC Martanesh Bulqize 10500KW Operational
HEC Fterre Sarande 3080KW Operational
HEC Kumbull Mirditë 630KW Operational
HEC Lapaj Kukes 13620KW Operational
HEC Ashta 1 & 2 Shkoder 52250KW Operational
HEC Selishte Diber 2000KW under construction
HEC Lure 1, 2, 3 Diber 16200KW Operational
HEC Verba 1, 2 Korce 5000KW Operational

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