The Canadian province of New Brunswick is divided by the ''Territorial Division Act'' into 152 parishes, units which had political significance as subdivisions of counties until the Municipalities Act of 1966. Parishes still exist in law and include any municipality, rural community, or regional municipality within their borders. They provided convenient boundaries for electoral districts and organising delivery of government services for some time after 1966 but were gradually supplanted for such purposes by local service districts (LSDs), which better represent communities of interest. Provincial government guidelines require capitalising the word parish only if it follows the specific part of the name: e.g. Hopewell Parish but the parish of Hopewell.

Other uses of the term parish

Confusion is caused by three other government uses of the term parish. * The provincial government uses LSDs to deliver services to unincorporated parts of the province. 128 LSDs have a name identical to the parish they are in at least partly in, but only 26 have the same boundaries as the parish they are named after. * The provincial government divides the province into taxing authorities for the purpose of calculating and collecting property taxes. Municipalities, rural communities, regional municipalities, and LSDs can all have multiple taxing authorities. Taxing authorities follow property lines rather than municipal, parish or LSD boundaries and often share the name of an LSD they partially overlap. * Statistics Canada uses the term parish for any Census subdivision that is not an incorporated municipality, rural community, regional municipality or Indian reserve. Only 49 CSDs have the same borders as the parish they are named after.


148 of New Brunswick's parishes are used as the basis of census subdivisions by Statistics Canada, with a further two listed as dissolved CSDs. Figure derived from counting parishes listed on Unless noted, all figures below are for census subdivisions, which do not include areas within municipalities, incorporated rural communities, or Indian reserves.

Former and renamed parishes

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