This is a partial list of novae in the Milky Way galaxy that have been discovered and recorded since 1891. Novae are stars that undergo dramatic explosions, but unlike supernovae, these do not result in the destruction of the original star. The likely rate of novae in the Milky Way is about 40 per year,[1] but of these only about 10 per year are discovered by observers as of the 2000s (decade).[2] This list attempts to include only the brighter or more notable novae.

The Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (CBAT) maintains a more complete list of novae in the Milky Way since 1612.[2]

For a list of novae in individual years, see instead: novae in 2018, novae in 2019.

Nova Eridani 2009 (apparent magnitude ~8.4) during a full moon
Year Nova Maximum brightness[note 1]
1612 04550 Leonis +4.0