This is a list of museums in Albania. Most museums in the country are closed on Mondays.

Archaeological museums

Museum Founded
National Museum of Archaeology 1948
Archaeological Museum of Durrës 1951
Archaeological Museum of Butrint 1950
Archaeological Museum of Apolonia 1958
Archaeological Museum of Korçë 1985

Ethnographic museums

Museum Founded
Ethnographic Museum of Berat 1979
Ethnographic Museum of Krujë 1989
Ethnographic Museum of Elbasan 1986
Ethnographic Museum of Vlorë 1982
Ethnographic Museum of Gjirokastër 1966
Ethnographic Museum of Kavajë 1971
Museum of Rozafa Castle 1987

History museums

Museum Founded
National Museum of History 1981
National Museum "Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu" 1982
Congress of Lushnjë Museum 1970
National Museum of Education 1967
National Museum of Independence 1962
History Museum of Shkodër 1949
History Musem of Lushnjë ????
Memorial Museum of Skanderbeg 1981
Museum of Weaponry 1971
History Museum of Mat ????
History Museum of Dibër ????
Bunk'Art 1 2014
Bunk'Art 2 2016
Museum of Secret Surveillance 2015
Museum of Albanian Stamp ????

Art museums

Museum Founded
National Art Gallery 1946
National Museum of Photography 1970
National Museum of Medieval Art 1979
Museum of Oriental Art "Bratko" 2003
National Iconographic Museum 1986
Vangjush Mio Museum ????
Gjon Mili Museum 2018

Nature and Science museums

Museum Founded
Museum of Natural Sciences 1948
Natural Museum of Kamenica Tumulus 2000

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