This is a list of legislatures by country. A "legislature" is the generic name for the national parliaments and congresses that act as a plenary general assembly of representatives and that have the power to legislate. All entities included in the list of sovereign states are included in this list.

Names of legislatures

The legislatures are listed with their names in English and the name in the (most-used) native language of the country (or the official name in the second-most used native language in cases where English is the majority "native" language)

List of legislatures

Supranational legislatures

Legislatures of sovereign states (Member and observer states of the United Nations)

Legislatures of autonomous regions, dependencies and other territories

Legislatures of non-UN states (including unrecognized and disputed territories)

}, Serbian Cyrillic: ) |Unicameral |4 | |120 |15,493 |- | |colspan="2" align="center"|Assembly of the Republic (Cumhuriyet Meclisi) |Unicameral |5 | |50 |5,898 |- | |colspan="2" align="center"|Sahrawi National Council (المجلس الوطني الصحراوي ''Al-Majlis al-Watani al-Sahrawi'') |Unicameral |2 | |53 | |- |rowspan=2| |rowspan=2|Parliament (''Baarlamaanka'') |House of Representatives (''Golaha Wakiilada'') |Lower |5 | |82 |42,682 |- |House of Elders (''Golaha Guurtida'') |Upper | | |82 |42,682 |- | |colspan="2" align="center"|Parliament |Unicameral |5 | |34 |2,117 |- | Central Tibetan Administration (in exile) |colspan="2" align="center"|Parliament of the Central Tibetan Administration (''གྲོས་ཚོགས་ཐོག་གསུང་བཤད།'') |Unicameral |5 |First-past-the-post voting |43 |73,953 |- | |colspan="2" align="center"|Supreme Council (Верховный Совет, ''Verhkovny Sovet'') |Unicameral |5 | |43 |12,062

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