This is a list of people and fictional characters who had severe injuries, or died from accidents related to horses. Some of the listed accidents had important political and historical consequences, which are given when relevant.


  • Holbrook Blinn (1872–1928), Broadway stage star & silent screen actor, died from injuries in an accident on the grounds of his estate.
  • Maureen Connolly (1934–1969), tennis star, career ended in 1954 by injuries suffered in a collision between her horse and a truck.
  • Malcolm Baldrige (1922–1987), American politician and United States Secretary of Commerce from 1981 until his death in 1987, from internal injuries sustained in a rodeo accident, when the horse he was riding fell on him during a calf-roping competition.
  • Roy Kinnear (1934–1988), British character actor, bled to death due to a broken pelvis sustained in a fall from a horse.
  • Cole Porter (1891–1964) American composer and songwriter. In a 1937 riding accident his legs were crushed leaving him in chronic pain, largely crippled. (According to a biography by William McBrien and oral history by Brendan Gill.) His right leg was amputated in 1958 as a result of the injury.
  • Christopher Reeve (1952–2004), actor, paralyzed on May 27, 1995 from the neck down following a fall from his horse while riding cross-country in a 3-day event.
  • Kazu Makino In 2002 the singer suffered an accident falling from a horse; in the accident, the horse trampled her jaw and crushed her facial bones, which required massive reconstructive surgery

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