Location of the Nanpō Islands (black) in the Pacific Ocean.
Detailed map of the Izu Islands (black).

This article lists the governors of the Nanpō Islands (南方諸島, Nanpō-shotō), a collective name for the groups of Japanese islands within Tokyo Metropolis, consisting of the Izu Islands, the Bonin Islands and the Volcano Islands.[1] The islands are located to the south of the Japanese home islands.[2]

The list encompasses the period from the founding of the first permanent settlement of Westerners on Chichijima (one of the Bonin Islands) in 1830[3] (under the auspices of the British, which claimed the islands in 1827[4]), until the return of the islands to Japanese sovereignty in 1968 (following the U.S. occupation after World War II).[5][6]