The Info List - List Of Countries Where Tamil Is An Official Language

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The following is a list of sovereign states and territories where Tamil is an official language or language of government.

Historical map of Chola Kingdom where Tamil was the language of administration.

Distribution of Tamil speakers in Indian Subcontinent.

Tamil is the 15th most spoken language in the world. Tamil language speakers make approximately 1.06% of the world population. Tamil was one of the prominent languages of trade in the region during the pre-colonial era. Tamil mercantile guilds like Ainnurruvar were active in Southeast Asia, and there are Tamil inscriptions and coins found in parts of Asia and Africa such as in China, Cambodia, Egypt and Indonesia.[1] During the 18th century, the British and French colonial rulers brought Tamils to many parts of Asia and Africa where many countries have sizeable number of Tamil speakers with significant cultural impact. There are more than 2,000,000 speakers of Tamil language
Tamil language
in Malaysia
itself. Tamil is the classical language of India
and one of the oldest surviving language in the world.[2]


1 Sovereign states 2 Dependent entities 3 Recognized as minority language 4 Partially recognized and unrecognized territories 5 Former territories resp. dependent entities where Tamil was an official language 6 See also 7 Notes 8 References

Sovereign states[edit]

The skyline of Singapore
in 2015

Countries where Tamil is an official language (de jure)

Country Region Population1 Status

Singapore[3] Asia 188,591[4] Sovereign State

Sri Lanka[5] Asia 5,007,003[6] Sovereign State

Dependent entities[edit]

Entity Country Population Status

Auroville India 7003260000000000000♠2,600 Autonomous City of India

Puducherry India 7006124446400000000♠1,244,464 Union Territory of India

Tamil Nadu India 7007721389580000000♠72,138,958 State of India

Recognized as minority language[edit]

Country Population Notes

South Africa 7005250000000000000♠250,000 Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 - Chapter 1: Founding Provisions states "A Pan South African Language Board established by national legislation must promote and ensure respect for Tamil" along with other minority languages.[7]

Malaysia 7006180000000000000♠1,800,000 Malaysian government recognize Tamil as a minority language along with Chinese. The "national-type" school's medium of instruction is either in Tamil or Chinese.[8]

Mauritius 7004720890000000000♠72,089 Tamils are the first immigrants to Mauritius
who were brought by French. Later British brought Tamils to fight with French and as a recognition, Tamil is being used on the currency of Mauritius.[9]

Partially recognized and unrecognized territories[edit]

Entity Notes

Tamil Eelam
Tamil Eelam
(Eelam) Claiming sovereignty over the North and Eastern Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
and Puttalam district as[10][11]

Karaikal Claiming for a separate union territory in India.[12]

Former territories resp. dependent entities where Tamil was an official language[edit]

Entity Continent Population Status Notes

Haryana Asia 10,572 State of India Tamil was once given nominal official status in Haryana
but it was later replaced with Punjabi, in 2010.

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