Many countries have national networks of controlled-access highways, the names of which vary from one country to another e.g. freeway or motorway. The networks do not always include all such highways, or even all the major ones in the country.


Motorway 5, connecting Tehran and Bandar Imam in Iran.
Motorway 4, running between Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey.


The Motorway M1 running through Belarus
Motorway A1 crossing Serbia, connecting the border to Hungary in the north, with the city of Niš to the south. The tract connecting to the border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is currently under construction.
The Autostrada Adriatica runs through the eastern coast of Italy, linking Bologna to Taranto.


North America

The Mexican Federal Highway 95 passing close to the city of Chilpancingo, in Southern Mexico.

South America

The motorway BR-101 connects Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte in Brazil.


Route Nationale 1 through a viaduct in northern Réunion.