This is a list of cassava dishes that use cassava as a main ingredient. The cassava is a woody shrub native to South America of the spurge family. It is extensively cultivated as an annual crop in tropical and subtropical regions.

Cassava dishes

Name Image Description
Coxinha Coxinha.jpg A popular food in many countries in South America. The drumstick is a Brazilian snack originally from São Paulo made with cassava flour dough filled with chicken or minced beef.
Deep-fried cassava Friedmanioc.jpg Fried cassava is a typical substitute for French fries in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, and several Central American countries including Panama. It is commonly served in bars along with beer.
Farofa Farofa brazil.jpg A toasted cassava flour mixture. In Brazil, where farofa is particularly popular, typical recipes call for raw cassava flour to be toasted with butter, salt, and bacon until golden brown, being incremented with numerous other ingredients. It is an essential accompaniment to feijoada.
Tapioca Tapioca pudding-3.jpg A starch extracted from cassava (Manihot esculenta). This species is native to the Northeast of Brazil but spread throughout the South American continent. The plant was spread by Portuguese and Spanish explorers to most of the West Indies, Africa and Asia, including the Philippines and Taiwan, being now cultivated worldwide. In Brazil, the plant (cassava) is named "mandioca", while its starch is called "tapioca".
Sopa de Mandioca Sopa mandioca.jpg Sopa de Mandioca is a very tasteful soup made from cassava. This delicious soup is consumed by many people and there are some variations in which people add some minced meat, sun dried meat, ribs or just extra condiments.
Cassava Pie Cassava Pie is a traditional Bermudian Christmas dish which is often considered to be a savoury cake rather than pie. Its main ingredients are graded Cassava, chicken, butter & sugar.