This is a list of airlines by foundation date, founded before December 31, 1930.

The date of the first airline service may differ from the foundation date. Bold names indicate that the airline is still in operation.

Airline Established Ceased operations Notes
German Empire DELAG November 16, 1909 March 21, 1935 The world's first airline in revenue service. Operated Zeppelin airships. Merged with Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei (DZR) in 1935, which continued transatlantic flights until the Hindenburg disaster in 1937. Company dissolved in 1940.
Hungary Aero Rt. December 22, 1910 1920 Merged with Magyar Aeroforgalmi Rt (MAEFORT)
United States St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line 1913 May 5, 1914 First winged airline. See Thomas Reilly, Jannus: An American Flyer
United Kingdom Aircraft Transport and Travel October 5, 1916 1921 Services started 25 August 1919; first scheduled daily international commercial air service, London to Paris. A subsidiary of Airco, its assets were used to create Daimler Airway. Despite numerous takeovers and mergers, British Airways can trace part of its legacy back to Aircraft Transport and Travel.
United States Chalk's Ocean Airways 1917 2007 Started scheduled service between Florida and the Bahamas in February 1919; Became Chalk's International Airlines.
German Empire Deutsche Luft-Reederei December 1917 1923 Services started February 5, 1919. Became part of Deutscher Aero Lloyd in 1923, merged into Deutsche Luft Hansa in 1926. Founding member of International Air Traffic Association in 1919.
Norway Det Norske Luftfartsrederi 1918 1921 Founding member of IATA
Denmark Det Danske Luftfartselskab October 29, 1918 1951 Services started August 7, 1920. Part of SAS since 1946.
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