This is a list of United States Marine Corps Aviation Groups (MAG, MACG, MATSG). Inactive groups are listed by their designation at the time they were decommissioned.

Active Marine Aircraft Groups (MAG)

MAGs consist of a MAG headquarters, a Marine Aviation Logistic Squadron (MALS), a Marine Wing Support Squadron (MWSS), and from two to ten aircraft squadrons and/or detachments (HMH, HMHT, HMLA, HMLAT, VMM, VMMT, VMA, VMAT, VMFA, VMFA (AW), VMFT, VMGR, VMU)

Active Marine Air Control Groups (MACG)

Consists of a MACG headquarters and a Marine Air Control Squadron (MACS), a Marine Air Support Squadron (MASS), a Marine Tactical Air Command Squadron (MTACS), a Marine Wing Communications Squadron (MWCS), and a Low Altitude Air Defense (LAAD) Battery/Detachment.

Active Marine Training Support Groups (MATSG)

Performs administrative control and training support for Marine Corps personnel assigned as either permanent party or as students undergoing formal naval aviation training programs. The group also provides Marines for ceremonial support and as special detail advisors.

Decommissioned Marine Aircraft Groups

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