List of Thai football champions


The Thai football champions are the winners of the highest league in Thai football, which is currently the Thai League 1. Teams in bold are those who won Double (association football), the double of League Championship and Thai FA Cup, or the Double (association football), Asian Double of League Championship and AFC Champions League in that season. Association football, Football was introduced into Thailand in 1897. In 1916, King Vajiravudh founded "The Football Association of Thailand, Football Association of Thailand under Patronage of His Majesty the King." After that the association joined the FIFA in 1925 and Asian Football Confederation, AFC in 1957. The Thailand national football team competed at the Association football at the 1956 Summer Olympics, 1956 Olympics The first football stadium, Suphachalasai Stadium, was built in 1935. King's Cup, the first football cup was introduced in 1968. And then two years later, Queen's Cup, a national cup competition, started in 1970.

Thailand Soccer League (1996–1997), Thai Premier League (1998–2000)

Thai League (2001–2005)

Thailand Premier League (2006–2008)

Thai Premier League (2009–2015)

Thai League (2016)

Thai League 1 (2017–present)

''Italic'' indicates Double (association football), Double winners - i.e. League and Thai FA Cup winners OR League and Asian Cup winners or League and League Cup Bold indicates The Treble, Treble Winners - i.e. League, Thai FA Cup and Asian Cup winners OR League, Thai FA Cup and League Cup An asterisk (*) after the number of titles won indicates that the team either set or equalled the overall record for championships won in the relevant season.

Total titles won

Ten clubs have been champions.

Kor Royal Cup

The top level of club football competition in 1916-1995. † Be Champions Together

Total titles won by province

Ten clubs have been champions, from a total of 6 towns and cities. Most have come from the Bangkok.

Total titles won by region

Ten clubs have been champions, from a total of 5 regions. The Bangkok accounts for almost half of all total championship winners with 10 out 13 winners.

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