This is an incomplete list of Sami dishes and other dishes related to the culture of the Sami people, which spans Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia as well.



  • Gáhkko - Soft flatbread, baked in a frying pan or on a flat stone.[1]
  • Gárrpa - Thin, crusty bread.
  • Ståmpå - Loaf


  • Cloudberries - Eaten both fresh and as jam. Cloudberry jam goes well warm with ice cream.
  • Coffee with cheese
  • Guompa - angelica mixed with milk and left in barrels to ferment.
  • Gumppus - Blood cakes and blood sausages boiled with potatoes and meat.
  • Jåbmå - Leaves of Mountain sorrel cooked to a stew, usually served with sugar and milk.

Fish dishes

Meat dishes

  • Bierggomales - Cooked meat of various kind, chops and sides are common. Also tongue, marrow bones, liver are a part of the Sami cuisine. The dish is more like a five-course dinner, with various parts served in order with hot broth straight from the pot.
  • Bierggojubttsa - A soup containing meat, potatoes, carrots or other root vegetables.
  • Guorppa - A kind of sausage made of minced meat wrapped in omentum.
  • Gåjkkebierggo - Dried meat, eaten as it is or in soup with potato and rice.
  • Mallemárffe - Blood sausage[2]
  • Sautéed reindeer
  • Slåbbå - Blood pancakes[3]
  • Suovasbierggo - Smoked meat, eaten as it is or fried
  • Smoked reindeer

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