The Info List - List Of Governors-General Of French Indochina

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This is a list of European (as well as Japanese and Chinese) colonial administrators responsible for the territory of French Indochina, an area equivalent to modern-day Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.


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List of Governors of Cochin China and Indochina[1][edit]

Tenure Incumbent

1863 to 1868 Pierre de la Grandière

1868 to 1869 Marie-Gustave Ohier

1870 to 1871 Alphonse de Cornulier-Lucinière

1871 to 1873 Marie-Jules Dupré

1874 to 1877 Victor Auguste Duperré

1877 to 1879 Loius Lafont

1879 to 1882 [Charles Le Myre de Vilers]]

1882 to 1885 Charles Thomson

1885 to 1886 Charles Begin

1886 to 1887 Charles-Louis Filippini

List of Governors-General[edit] (Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Tenure Portrait Incumbent Notes

French Indochina

French Indochina formed (Cambodia, Annam, Tonkin, and Cochinchina, and from 3 October 1893, Laos)

16 November 1887 to April 1888

Jean Antoine Ernest Constans, Governor-General

April 1888 to 31 May 1889

Étienne Antoine Guillaume Richaud, Governor-General

31 May 1889 to April 1891

Jules Georges Piquet, Governor-General

April 1891 to June 1891

Bideau, acting Governor-General

June 1891 to 31 December 1894

Jean Marie Antoine de Lanessan, Governor-General

March 1894 to October 1894

Léon Jean Laurent Chavassieux, acting Governor-General Acting for Lanessan

December 1894 to February 1895

François Pierre Rodier, acting Governor-General

February 1895 to 10 December 1896

Paul Armand Rosseau, Governor-General

December 1896 to 13 February 1897

Augustin Julien Fourès, acting Governor-General

13 February 1897 to October 1902

Joseph Athanase Paul Doumer, Governor-General

October 1902 to February 1908

Jean Baptiste Paul Beau, Governor-General

18 February 1907 to September 1907

Louis Alphonse Bonhoure, acting Governor-General

September 1908 to January 1910

Antony Wladislas Klobukowski, Governor-General

January 1910 to February 1911

Albert Jean George Marie Louis Picquié, acting Governor-General

February 1911 to November 1911

Paul Louis Luce, Governor-General

November 1911 to January 1914

Albert Sarraut, Governor-General 1st time

January 1914 to 7 April 1915

Joost van Vollenhoven, acting Governor-General

April 1915 to May 1916

Ernest Roume, Governor-General

May 1916 to January 1917

Jean Eugène Charles, acting Governor-General

January 1917 to May 1919

Albert Sarraut, Governor-General 2nd time

May 1919 to February 1920

Maurice Antoine François Montguillot, acting Governor-General 1st time

February 1920 to April 1922

Maurice Long, Governor-General

April 1922 to August 1922

François Marius Baudouin, acting Governor-General

August 1922 to April 1925

Martial Henri Merlin, Governor-General

April 1925 to November 1925

Maurice Antoine François Montguillot, acting Governor-General 2nd time

18 November 1925 to January 1928

Alexandre Varenne, Governor-General

January 1928 to August 1928

Maurice Antoine François Montguillot, acting Governor-General 3rd time

22 August 1928 to 15 January 1934

Pierre Marie Antoine Pasquier, Governor-General

15 January 1934 to September 1936

Eugène Jean Louis René Robin, Governor-General

September 1936 to 23 August 1939

Jules Brévié, Governor-General

23 August 1939 to 25 June 1940

Georges Catroux, acting Governor-General

25 June 1940 to 9 March 1945

Jean Decoux, Governor-General Continued to serve following the Japanese invasion; deposed in the Japanese coup d'état

Japanese Military Occupation

9 March 1945 to 28 August 1945

Yuitsu Tsuchihashi, Governor-General

9 March 1945 to 15 August 1945

Takeshi Tsukamoto, acting Governor-General Acting for Tsuchihashi

Allied Military Administration

Above 16th parallel

9 September 1945 to 6 March 1946

Lu Han, Military Governor (Republic of China)

Below 16th parallel

6 September 1945 to 28 January 1946

Douglas Gracey, Military Governor (United Kingdom)

French Indochina

23 September 1945 to 5 October 1945

Jean Marie Arsène Cédile, acting High Commissioner

5 October 1945 to 31 October 1945

Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque, acting High Commissioner

31 October 1945 to 1 April 1947

Georges Thierry d'Argenlieu, High Commissioner

1 April 1947 to 20 October 1948

Émile Bollaert, High Commissioner

20 October 1948 to 17 December 1950

Léon Pignon, High Commissioner

17 December 1950 to 11 January 1952

Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, High Commissioner Died in office

11 January 1952 to 1 April 1952

Raoul Salan, acting High Commissioner

1 April 1952 to 27 April 1953

Jean Letourneau, High Commissioner

27 April 1953 to 17 August 1953 Jean Letourneau, Commissioner-General

17 August 1953 to 10 April 1954

Maurice Dejean, Commissioner-General Served at the time of the Battle of Dien Bien Phu

10 April 1954 to 2 June 1955

Paul Ély, Commissioner-General

June 1955 to 21 July 1956

Henri Hoppenot, Commissioner-General

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