The union territory of Ladakh, India consists of two districts. Each district elects an autonomous district council. Until 31 October 2019, these districts were part of the former state of Jammu and Kashmir.


Name of District Headquarters Area (kmĀ²) Population
2011 Census
Autonomous District Council URL
Kargil District Kargil 14,086 143,388 Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Kargil http://kargil.nic.in/
Leh District Leh 45,110 * 147,104 Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh http://leh.nic.in/
Total - 59,146 290,492 - -

* Indicates area under the actual control of India.

Demand for new districts

  • Nubra Valley: Demands been raised and BJP has hinted at creation of Nubra and Zanskar as new districts.[1]
  • Sankoo: In February 2020, organised by various youth, religious and several political parties nearly 3,000 people protested for the creation of a new 14,000 square km muslim majority district of Sankoo out of Kargil because it remains cut off from the Kargil and rest of India during snowfall of winters.[1] It had 40,000 or more than 25% population of Kargil district in 2011.[1] It lies 42 km southwest of Kargil town.
  • Zanskar: People of Zanskar has been demanding for more than past seven decaded for a new district from the existing Kargil district.[1][2] Town had 20,000 population in 2020.[2] It lies 250 km south of Kargil town.

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